YSU Community Supports Our Furry Friends

“The greatness of a nation and its
moral progress can be judged by the
way its animals are treated.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

YSU’s core values of compassion and care are distinguishable qualities of the student body. For years now, YSUSA put this compassion in action during its annual Holiday Charity Drive to give back and better our community. This year, the students provided aid to homeless animals by supporting a local Los Angeles shelter. For the month of December, students accepted donations from the YSU Community in the form of food,treats, blankets, and other invaluable goods for our furry friends. Before long, boxes were overflowing with gifts from those willing to help.

YSUSA President Shannon Lawrence who spearheaded the effort said, “Thank you to the entire YSU Community. We received $2000 in donations, which were kindly and graciously accepted by the West LA
Animal Shelter. A special thank you to my fellow 2015 YSUSA Officers, Lana Johnson, Kia Yang, Stephanie Yu, Tara Priya Das, Teresa Calloway, Borna Ilic and Amy Messer plus YSU staff Erika Morris, Nick Eckhart, and President Green for making this happen!”

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