Peter Francis Cunneen, MATCM


Phone: (+41) 022.347.7588


  • Dietary Therapy
  • Qigong & Anmo-Tuina massage

Chi Rivers
7 Rue Ferdinand-Hodler
Unit: CH-1207
Geneva, Switzerland 1207


Peter Francis has thirty years experience as a practitioner of Oriental medicine and Taoist healing arts. He holds a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Yo San University of TCM in Los Angeles, California, and has advanced post-graduate, clinical training from Zhejiang College of TCM in mainland China. Included in his 3,430 hours of western & TCM medical training are specialized studies in the areas of Internal Medicine, Gynecology & fertility, Pediatrics, neurological rehabilitation, and in several methodologies of pain relief. A professor and clinical supervisor of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at several US colleges for over 12 years, he has also served in the US as a national acupuncture examiner and as an herbal advisor on testing for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. He is accredited in acupuncture and Chinese herbology with the Swiss Professional Organization of Traditional Chinese Medicine and with the Registre Suisse de Médecine Empirique and is certified with Foundation ASCA for Naturopathy MTC including Chinese dietary therapy, Qigong & Anmo-Tuina massage. He is currently in private practice in Geneva, Switzerland (see: AcuCentre) and leads our TCM continuing education program. Peter Francis is certified as a Taoist meditation teacher and as a senior instructor in Dao-In, Eight Treasures and Self-Healing Qigong methods by Chi Health Institute of the College of Tao.

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