Luriko Ozeki

Luriko Ozeki has over 15 years of experience in nutrition and preventative health care, helping countless children and adults regain better health and a healthy lifestyle through nutritional counseling and Oriental Medicine.

Luriko is also a pioneer in the field of Pediatric Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (PAOM) in the Los Angeles area, spearheading an interest and movement into PAOM by local acupuncturists to get into PAOM.  She has trained extensively in both Japan and in the United States on all aspects of PAOM and Pediatric Functional Medicine.  She works integratively with allopathic pediatricians, aiding them by treating children with diseases and conditions that Western Medicine often has no answers or solutions to.  Luriko instead uses natural medicine and non-invasive Oriental Medicine techniques to quickly yet gently start shifting a child’s health for the better, allowing children to cut back on medications, prevent surgeries and improve their overall health and constitution.  She is also a dedicated public speaker, educating the Los Angeles community of the benefits and effectiveness of PAOM.

Having graduated with high honors from Yo San University, Luriko maintains a private practice in West Los Angeles and Playa Vista Adjacent, specializing in holistic pediatrics, health maintenance, pain management, stress management, allergy alleviation, women’s health, detox programs, and nutritional counseling.


She is fluent in Spanish, Japanese and English.


Education & Credentials
  • L.Ac.
Taught Courses
  • Point Practice
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