No Tuition Increase at YSU

July 18, 2017- During this trimester’s President’s Tea on July 13 and in an open letter to all current MATCM students, President Green formally announced the decision to not increase tuition for the coming year. Bucking the trend of ever-escalating tuition and fees in higher education, President Green cited YSU’s  philanthropic success and prudent spending policies as the foundation for the Board’s decision.

This decision follows last year in which fees were cut and the rate of tuition was decreased. President Green went on to state, “this pattern of fiscal responsibility and responsiveness to the reality students face best illustrates our commitment to providing affordable, quality education that bolsters our students’ aspirations without saddling them with unnecessary debt.” She went on to add, “this is just one of many examples of how our non-profit status allows us to invest in our people and mission without the sway of competing interests.”

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