Mike Gonzalez, L.Ac.


Phone: 818.358.2178

Web: www.cpacupuncture.com

  • Community Acupuncture
  • Low-cost Acupuncture

Center Point Community Acupuncture
6424 Coldwater Canyon Ave.
North Hollywood, California 91606


Acupuncture works best when used frequently and regularly. We make it possible for you to come in often enough to get well and stay well. We’ll always provide a safe environment and skilled practitioners.

Community Acupuncture eliminates the high cost and excessive talk. We see multiple patients at a time in a quiet, soothing, shared setting, in comfortable recliners (not massage tables). This works!

Treating this way makes it easy for friends and family to come in together for treatment. And the collective energy of people healing in the same space actually makes individual treatments more powerful.

By making acupuncture affordable, we support people’s commitment to the process of building a strong foundation of health over time.

Community Acupuncture: A Sustainable Solution

“Sustainability” is sometimes defined as taking action with the long-term in mind; we believe that this model is a key to making health care more sustainable. By providing a comfortable treatment setting, acupuncture shifts from a medical intervention to something you can integrate into your life.

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