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Kathy Long Acupuncture
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I graduated from Yo San University in Santa Monica in 1995. I have continued to expand my knowledge of the body and various methods of treatment since. I would say 50 percent of what I do with my patients I learned outside of school. The NAET treatments for allergies, Korean Hand Acupuncture, which is exceptional for treating pain and great for those afraid of needles, Blood Chemistry Testing, which gives me a great deal of information well beyond whether things are in the normal range or not, the use of Saliva testing to better assess hormone function and adrenal health, Stool tests for possible parasites and digestive imbalances and Hair Analysis are all additional tools I have added to my foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I have found resources for my patients to use that are affordable so they can get the blood tests or radiological tests that are needed to best assess their health issues. Working from a preventative position, often there are tests that will give crucial information to be able to prevent a future health disaster, which the western doctors will not run because there is not yet a medical justification. This mentality is what costs the patient much more in time lost at work, money spent on more extreme health procedures and most importantly your ease and comfort.

I am passionate about education and feel the while ignorance may be bliss, knowledge is power.

I give talks monthly in the office to help my patients and the general public better understand how to create optimal health and vitality.

Some of the subjects include
  • Stress Busting 101
  • How and Why it is Important to Detoxify
  • Bone Health – Osteoporosis
  • Cholesterol – Facts and Fallacies
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