Intern Spotlight: Ting W.

If Ting’s journey after graduation is anything like the path that has led her to YSU, we are sure she’ll be a seasoned world traveler in no time. Though born in Taiwan, she spent her formative years in New York City, where she started her healing journey in TCM. She then moved to the West Coast where she attended a TCM school in San Diego but eventually was drawn to the rich, vibrant YSU community. The emphasis on the Qi cultivation program was a huge draw to her because our students learn how to maintain good health and pass it on to their patients. After two years at YSU, she will be graduating this Spring.

Ting has a natural inclination to pain management and orthopedics because she has a background in Muay Thai which, she jokes, gave her a lot of experience with pain! Patients with pain problems tend to gravitate toward her, as do people in competitive sports. Ting says “you can’t tell someone to stop doing what they love—so you can treat them through their pain.” She has a newfound interest in autoimmune disorders. This challenge has captured her attention and she looks forward to exploring it more in-depth.

Experiencing pain? Ting can be found at the Yo San Community Clinic on Mondays, Thursday mornings and Fridaymornings and afternoons. To schedule an appointment with Ting call: 310.577.3006.

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