Integrative Learning Experiences at YSU

On July 1, 2015 while introducing the beginning of a series of innovative curriculum upgrades, President Green announced the launch of a new Integrative Learning Experiences (ILE) program for current students to enhance their clinical knowledge.

While more site opportunities will be announced in the coming months, President Green introduced three new integrative learning partners:

  • Jude Medical Center, Department of Spinal Surgery
  • Ryu Physical Therapy
  • Fountain Spine Center

She added, “The ILE program provides unique opportunities for highly motivated students to observe or participate in integrative healthcare environments. Our first relationships—in chiropractic, physical therapy, and spinal surgery—are intentional. These practice areas are both prime locations for integration, but also tap into YSU’s position as a leader in Pain Management & Orthopedic treatment.” Having a diverse array of partnerships, from internationally-renowned centers of excellence such as St. Jude Medical Center, to community based interdisciplinary healthcare providers ensures our students are ready for the careers that lay ahead of them.

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