Dean of MATCM Program Appointment

Dr. Brady Chin, PhD, L.Ac Appointed Dean of Yo San’s MATCM program

Yo San University is pleased to announce the appointment of  Dr. Brady Chin, PhD, L.Ac as Dean of the University’s MATCM program.

Prior to his appointment, Brady was the Interim Dean of the MATCM program, and has served in various administrative and faculty positions at Yo San University including that of Dean of Clinical Education and a member of both the academic and clinic faculty in the MATCM program.

Brady’s appointment is with immediate effect.

In taking on this appointment, Brady is among a very short list of people who could bring with him years of dedicated service and knowledge of the YSU MATCM program and the acupuncture/Oriental Medicine profession, and lead the MATCM Program to the next level of academic excellence.

I am confident that under Brady’s academic leadership, the YSU MATCM program will be ready and able to meet the needs of the current and future students who place their trust in our expertise and professionalism.

Please join us in welcoming Brady to the YSU senior leadership team.

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