Julie Chambers

Julie Chambers was introduced to Chinese medicine in 1991 and began her studies in Chinese medicine at Yo San University the same year. After graduating with the University’s highest honors in 1996, she began her private practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Julie joined the administration at YSU in 1998, serving as Associate Academic Dean and then as Academic Dean until 2001. She teaches Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Herbal Formulas, has been on the faculty in the herbal department since 2000, currently serving as its Chair. In addition to her teaching and private practice, several times per year Julie visits other acupuncture and Chinese medicine schools around the country as an ACAOM site visitor. Julie maintains a raw herbal pharmacy at both her practice locations, in the Yo San building and in Santa Monica.

Email: Info@juliechamberslac.com

Education & Credentials
  • L.Ac.
Taught Courses
  • Herbal Pharmacopoeia
  • Herbal Formulas
Areas of Expertise / Interests
  • Herbology
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