Masters and Doctorate Programs

Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yo San University offers Masters Degree Programs in three focused concentrations.

Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Yo San University offers specialty Doctoral programs in high demand fields.

Our Diverse Faculty - East and West

We have a core of native born and trained Chinese instructors who have studied, taught, and practiced at some of China’s top TCM Universities; some come from distinguished families of Chinese practitioners.

Equally impressive is our dedicated western trained faculty, skilled practitioners with years of clinical and teaching experience and strong specialties. Our western trained faculties teach TCM theory, Chinese herbology, and Qi development courses as well as western medical sciences and practice management.

Our TCM professors have made names for themselves in specialties such as dermatology, HIV/AIDS, gynecology, diabetes, infertility, and substance abuse.

Our Exceptional Teaching Clinics

On Campus: the Award Winning Blount Community Clinic

Our specialty clinics include Pediatrics, Women’s Health and ReproductionOrthopedics and Pain, and Healthy Aging and Internal Medicine.

Our Clinical Partners: at the Forefront of Integrative Health Care

Through your experience with our partners, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how acupuncture and TCM are continually playing an expanding role in integrative healthcare today across a broad variety of concentrations.

Balance and harmony.

The education at Yo San is field based, problem oriented, and guided by the Taoist philosophy of balance and harmony. Classes are small, fostering an intimate, personal learning experience. Our faculty is committed to academic excellence, sets high standards, and is determined to provide you with an education that is at once intellectually stimulating and relevant in today’s modern health care environment

Spirit and medicine.

Creating an educational environment where students can satisfy their desire for spiritual and medical knowledge is the essence of Yo San’s legacy.  Yo San students have a thirst for quality instruction and enjoy a lively exchange of ideas with their professors.

A Specialization for Your Practice that Brings it All Together

  • Enhance Your Professional Reputation
  • Expand Your Practice
  • Help Others Live Better and Longer
  • Are your patients easily distracted by the latest gimmick for living longer?

All acupuncturists know living better and longer is based on sustainable healthy living practices focused on preventing disease and promoting balance between body, mind, and spirit. But, that doesn’t always translate to our patients, so if you’ve ever thought you need more tools to offer your patients . . .

You’re Right! You could be making your patients healthier and happier with broader knowledge, deeper understanding, and specialized training and research. To meet the requirements of an increasingly diverse patient population, you can delve deeper with integrative methods in the areas of

  • Advanced TCM
  • Physiology
  • Biophysics

You’ll enhance your Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge and credentials and gain valuable insight to integrative medicine practices. With continued training and mentorships, you’ll become invaluable members of your community healthcare network. Having authored your own original scholarly work detailing your research, you’ll graduate with the confidence to prevent, diagnose and treat a vast array of complex conditions including:

  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Immunology
  • Pediatrics
  • Gastroenterology
  • Nutrition

We are a strong, vibrant community of healthcare professionals devoted to service and each other. Our field is changing daily. Increasingly, we are required to be more versatile, communicate more regularly with Western healthcare providers, and utilize a business model built around regular, ongoing care. Our program allows you to become the Doctor you want to be fueled with a confidence from your research and expanded studies to serve your patients better. I encourage you to consider joining us in leading TCM into this exciting new era for practitioners and all we serve. Be well!

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