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Report-Back from Beijing: Exploring TCM Abroad and Re-Envisioning the Medicine at Home

Written by Andrea Penagos, Yo San Clinic Intern
This March, a small and mighty delegation of Yo San students – Shareef Von Reitter, Dawn Webster, and myself – joined Dr. Qiwei Zheng and two students from South Baylo University on a learning trip to Beijing, China where we observed TCM doctors in clinical settings, mainly at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences’ (CACMS) Hospital of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

My Brain New Beginning by Gabrielle Olko, 3rd Year Student This past October, I was involved in a scooter accident; I was immediately taken to the ER. My left shoulder had been injured, but they performed multiple tests on me to make sure that nothing else had been affected in the accident. Because the injury was near my spine, they decided to run a CAT scan to make sure I didn’t have a head injury. To their surprise as well as mine, there was fogginess on the CAT scan, which led them to perform a full MRI scan. Thirteen hours later, and when they also found out that I did not have health insurance, I was released and told that I had a broken humerus and a cancerous tumor in my brain.
Doctoral Thesis Presentations a Success After graduation on March 23rd, 2014, the members of Cohort 3 in Yo San’s Doctoral Program were not quite finished; they still had one very important thing to do. The DAOM Thesis presentations took place several weeks later, from April 4th to 6th, on Yo San University’s campus. The event represented a culmination of research, time and dedication for each of the nine cohort members.   04/15/2014
Dr. Dao, Brenda Strong and Yo San Grads Highlighted at Conference Yo San University Founder, Dr. Daoshing Ni, and Brenda Strong (star of Desperate Housewives, and Dallas, and long time friend of the University),  along with YSU grads Andrea Thorpe and Danica Thornbury were among the featured presenters at the “Fertility Planit” Conference held April 4-5, 2014 at UCLA. 04/14/2014
DAOM Grad’s Capstone Dissertation Report Published When Debbie Rodriguez graduated from the Yo San University DAOM Reproductive Medicine specialty program in April of 2013, she knew that the research work that she had accomplished regarding “Forbidden Acupuncture Points During Pregnancy” via her Capstone Dissertation was unique and significant.   04/10/2014
Cohort #3 Posts Another “On-Time Completion” Milestone for DAOM Dissertation Process

The Yo San University DAOM Program is proud to boast that it has no candidates in “ABD” status. For each of the three cohorts that have undertaken and progressed through the two-year Yo San University advanced specialty doctoral programs in the Reproductive Medicine and Healthy Aging specialties, every candidate has completed the dissertation requirement on time.

YO SAN UNIVERSITY 25TH ANNIVERSARY IN-HOUSE CELEBRATION It’s easy to say “Happy 25 years to Yo San”, but the reality is that it takes commitment, dedication and perseverance to build an institution from the ground up. 04/09/2014
DAOM Spotlight on: Dr. Lisa Nelson, DAOM, M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. Lisa received her Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine from Yo San University in California. After graduation Lisa went on to study orthopedic acupuncture at Cedars- Sinai in Los Angeles, while at the same time maintaining a practice specializing in orthopedic acupuncture, and pain management for orthopedic doctors in Southern California. 04/01/2014
The Life of a Canadian Yo San Post Grad by Adam Cappuccino

The province of British Columbia, which I now call my home, holds their licensing exam only once a year, unlike CALE which is held twice. Furthermore, the process here consists of two separate exams, a written multiple choice exam and an open-answer clinical exam. There are also several levels of licensing. One can either be an herbalist or an acupuncturist, or one can write the Practitioner’s exam, which incorporates both aspects, and then there is the Doctor level.

Commencement 2014 Celebrates 25 years of TCM Excellence

The sun was brightly shining. and the spring air was fresh and crisp as the University celebrated the accomplishments of its thirty-four new degree recipients at the 2014 Yo San University Commencement exercises on Sunday March 23, 2014.

What your Face Reveals About Your Health—Dr. Mao Appears On Dr. Oz

Dr. Mao’s most recent appearance focused on what Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners can learn about the health of an individual from indicators discerned in the face.

Blood Drive at Yo San

The Blood Drive here on our campus was an important event to connect with our community and further the awareness and integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into Western medical practice, more importantly it was another way that we could take part in saving lives!

Crystals, Magnets, Lights, Seeds, Pressure—More about Sujok

On Wednesday March 19, 2014 an enthusiastic group of students and community members gathered in the Shrine Room for a further presentation by Joad Puttermilech. Having been a Community Presentation featured speaker twice previously on the Yo San University Campus, Puttermilich moved quickly into audience participation with a number of willing volunteers who related symptoms.


Especially in large cities like Los Angeles, we live in a world of specialists. When Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) graduates enter practice invariably they face the question as to whether they should focus their practices in a specific specialty area.

MATCM Grad Balances Career as Practitioner and Photojournalist

Escapades nearly turned to “Ice Capades” for Yo San University MATCM alum, Henry Lee, who recently traveled to Iceland in the dead of the northern hemisphere winter on a photographic expedition.

Herbal Journal Appoints Yo San University President, Larry Ryan as Editor-in-Chief Yo San University is pleased to announce that its President, Dr. Larry Ryan, has been appointed as Editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Herbal Medicine (IJHM).  03/19/2014
It was ‘Kilts for a day’ for Dr. James Langford

The diversity factor was sartorially highlighted when Professor James Langford showed up to teach his classes on March 17, St. Patrick Day, in full formal kilt and tartan apparel.

Donor Appreciation Dinner

Dr. Daoshing Ni and Dr. Mao Shing Ni warmly welcomed guests to Yo San University’s annual Major gift donor appreciation dinner. This year’s event was held on February 20, 2014 at Zengo Restaurant in Santa Monica.

2nd YSU Baking Contest - Brownies

Thursday February 27th was a delicious day at Yo San. It was our 2nd YSU Baking Contest featuring the “Best Brownies”! As expected, the bakers came out with their games faces on and were ready to take home the title.

Doctoral Thesis Presentations

Please join us for the 2014 Doctoral Thesis presentations in Integrative Medicine: Longevity & Health Aging.  The event will take place April 4th-6th in the Qi Studio on the second floor of Yo San University. 

Yo San Grads from Down Under Yo San University Graduate (class of 2006), James Evans makes conception easier with his use of Western and Chinese medicine to create a baby boom in his town of Perth Western Australia. 02/28/2014
MATCM Graduate Stephanie Mattrey Thrives in New England College Town Stephanie K. Mattrey chose to launch her career as an acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist.   Stephanie is affiliated with the People’s Acupuncture Clinic, a practice that overlooks the idyllic Amherst Green, and which not only provides acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine services, but also martial arts, Qi cultivation, life coaching, Feng Shui and Life coaching training and consultation.  02/28/2014
DAOM Spotlight on: Mechelle Greenspan, L.Ac., MATCM

Mechelle Greenspan, Yo San DAOM Candidate in the Integrative Reproductive Medicine Program, is the in-house acupuncturist at GraceFull, a holistic center for growing families in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA.  At the center, she works closely with midwives, specializing in fertility, prenatal and postnatal acupuncture.  

Chinese New Year Celebrates the Year of the Horse

The solemn renewal ceremony was followed by several addresses including the reading of the annual message from Master Om Ni, and Dr. Mao's perspective regarding what to expect in the Year of the Horse. Several music and dance numbers as well as Qi demonstrations followed the addresses.

New Library Manager Joins Yo San University Team

Yo San University is pleased to welcome its new Library Manager, Julie Hong. Having earned a a Bachelor’s Degree in economics from UCLA, Julie’s graduate work was at the University of North Texas, where she received the Master of Science in Library Science Degree Julie comes to Yo San with library experience at Los Angeles City College and Castlebay Lane Elementary School.

Spring 2014 President’s Tea Highlights Financial Aid Changes The Spring 2014 President’s Tea was held on Wednesday February 5, 2014.  Topics addressed at the session included:    the Yo San University 25th Anniversary celebrations, upcoming (Summer 2014) changes in the financial aid check disbursement practice, the April 4-6 DAOM Dissertation mini-conference, the Library Manager transition, and the changes in the Herbal component of the Graduation Examination.  02/07/2014
African American History Month, George Washington Carver and Peanuts George Washington Carver, former slave, Educator, Scientist and Agriculturist, whose work in Systematic Botany and Agriculture lead to the development of farm products as well as education and awareness to the Southern black community about  crops, farming, sustainability, importance of natural resources and one’s own connection with nature. 01/31/2014
DAOM Spotlight on: Jennifer Shulman, L.Ac. Jennifer Shulman is a doctoral candidate in Yo San's Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine program. She is a California native from Santa Barbara, and is following in her mother’s footsteps, not only as a California acupuncturist, but also as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Jennifer spent several years practicing acupuncture in New York City before returning to California and beginning her current practice in Redondo Beach. Jennifer maintains a thriving practice and has provided over five thousand treatments since she entered the field in 2008. 01/30/2014
The American Acupuncturist: Call for Submissions Beginning with the winter 2014 issue, v 66, the AAAOM’s peer-reviewed research journal, The American Acupuncturist, has a new section: "Clinical Pearls.” What is a clinical pearl? These are small bits of free-standing, clinically relevant information based on experience or observation and that address a specific topic. They can be communicated either verbally or in printed form. 01/30/2014
The Year of the Wood Horse 2014  Year of the Horse New Year Celebration. Sunday February 9, 2014 at 10 am. Dr. Mao Shing Ni and Dr. Daoshing Ni, The Yo San University Student Association & The College of Tao Invite you to Celebrate the Year of the Horse. Please arrive by 9:45 am., and bring a seat cushion! For the potluck, please bring your favorite festive, healthy dish or beverage. We look forward to ushering in the New Year with you! Renewal Ceremony & Entertainment 10 am - 12 pm. Potluck lunch 12 pm - 1 pm. Yo San University Open House and Demonstrations 1 pm - 3 pm. 01/24/2014
Marketing Expert Highlights the “Introvert Advantage” One of the foundational tenets that Ms. Yen shared is that when people are seeking help, the most important factor that they look for is someone who is a good listener.  It is Chen Yens assertion that Introverts tend to be excellent listeners.   Ms. Yen’s presentation to over thirty-five members of the Yo San University community on Tuesday January 21, 2014 further highlighted the “Introvert Advantage” by providing additional practical tips for those developing professional TCM  practices.   01/23/2014
Sensei Alvin Enlightens Community Regarding Violence De-escalation and Self Defense All of Sensei Alvin’s recommendations proved to be consistent with the lockdown and evacuation procedures developed, posted and practiced at Yo San University.   However, Alvin’s session went so much further with specific advice and guidelines in the event that a student, faculty, staff member or other person is directly confronted with a person intending an act of violence.   01/17/2014
Dean of Clinical Education Appointment Yo San University is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Marvyn Perez, MD (Mexico), MATCM, L.Ac as the University’s Dean of Clinical Education. Dr. Perez will assume duty on January 16th, 2014. 01/14/2014
New Clinical Qi Cultivation Course The course provides additional training and insight into how and when to recommend a patient incorporate a particular qigong movement or breathing pattern, or study a particular qigong or tai chi form, with the appropriate clinical application of each form and pattern. 01/14/2014
Yo San Graduate’s Healthy Products will be in the 2014 Golden Globe Awards Gift Bag  The career path of every Yo San University graduate is different, and Jin Jun’s story is typical of the positive energy and entrepreneurial spirit facilitated through study at Yo San University.   After graduating from the YSU master’s degree program in 2008 Jin achieved acupuncturist licensure in the state of California.   01/10/2014
Stress and the HPA Axis: A Review for the Busy Practitioner

If you have been out of school for a while, have been too busy to pull out that textbook, or want to brush up on some Biomed analogies, terms and research concerning the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis, then this article is a good place to start.  

Santa Monica Mirror Features YSU Externship at WISE & Healthy Aging
WISE and Healthy Aging's unique partnership with Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine brings pain relief, improved vitality to seniors and caregivers, and helps train advanced practitioners. 
Meet Stacy and April Frerking Sisters April and Stacy Frerking are not only colleagues in Yo San’s DAOM Reproductive Medicine program, but also run their own women’s health practice together in Branson, Missouri.  April and Stacy were raised with holistic medicine, and have encountered its phenomenal effects since childhood.  Both were involved professionally in the theater and performing arts, and spent a lot of time traveling before pursuing their education in Chinese Medicine.   12/27/2013
New YSUSA Officers Elected After a busy and successful year under the able leadership of President, Emily Quan King, The Yo San University Student Association (YSUSA) has completed its annual election process.  The group has announced a new slate of officers 12/23/2013
All members of the Yo San University administrative staff wore blue on Friday December 20, 2013, the last day that Assistant Academic Dean, Alison Doherty, worked in the office.
Sally Goluboff Appointed to Assistant Deans Office Function Recent Yo San University MATCM graduate, Sally Goluboff, stepped immediately out of her role as a student finishing clinic hours and final exams, and began functioning as a University administrator.  In her new half-time role in the MATCM Office of the Assistant Academic Dean, Sally’s initial title is “Academic Advisor.”  12/20/2013
Albert Vaca Awarded Prestigious Fellowship It was announced recently that Yo San University (YSU), Dean of Clinical Education, Albert Vaca, L. Ac., has earned a prestigious Fellowship position at the Tao of Wellness in Santa Monica, California.   Vaca earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Sonoma State University, and he is a 2006 graduate of the YSU MATCM Program.    12/20/2013
DAOM December Residency Offers Healthy and Festive Refreshments Crafted artistically by MATCM work-study student Andrea Cabanayan, the first course included a colorful humus wreath adorned with cherry tomatoes and red pepper strips.  The second dish contained dozens of fresh strawberries festively ornamented with green grapes and marshmallows.    12/18/2013
Building A 6-Figure Practice In 3 Years After graduating with honors in 2010, Alyssa Dazet exploded onto the acupuncture and wellness scene opening her own practice in Santa Monica and quickly attracted a growing list of VIP and celebrity clientele. She has grown her practice in to a 6-figure practice in 3 years.  12/17/2013
Swords Class Finishes with a Flurry Among the various forms of Qi and Tai Chi training, the sword is an instrument of spiritual cultivation that equips practitioners to refine and master their energy and project their Qi.  As an optional Qi Cultivation offering, the Fall 2013 swords course drew an enthusiastic group of advanced students who engaged the form as an integral component of the Harmony Tai Chi Chuan heritage of the Yo San Family.  12/12/2013
The Face of Yo San Facilitated by Yo San University Director of Enrollment Management, Joslyn Williams, and her assistant, Yaneth Moreira, a series of University staff development sessions, titled The Face of Yo San, focused on subtleties of interpersonal interaction and human communication that that are likely to facilitate satisfaction and positive feelings on the part of students, clinic patients and other visitors to our busy campus. 12/05/2013
Meet Susan Wiggins, L.Ac.- Proud owner of Long Beach Community Acupuncture "Long Beach has been my home since 2004 and I am grateful to have this opportunity to share this medicine with my local community. Acupuncture is an amazing tool for improving and maintaining our health. I have had the opportunity to treat a variety of issues including headaches, back pain, and the common cold, to shingles, Sjogrens, and kidney stones."
2013 Alliance of Healthcare Professions Scholarship Yo San University (YSU) recently announced the award of the 2013 Alliance of Healthcare Professions Scholarship to Ms. Dawn Webster, a fourth year student in the MATCM program. 12/04/2013
Dermatology Workshop with Dr. Yue Ying Li Dr. Li’s workshop was packed with enthusiastic students ready with questions for Dr. Li on how to make your  skin look more beautiful and how to treat common skin ailments.   Dr. Li began the session by  talking about how to treat skin problems from a TCM perspective with acupuncture and herbs. How lifestyle and exercise play a huge part in the health of your skin and how to make your body stronger.  Natural products like honey, sugar and milk can be mixed together to make a very effective facial scrub.  11/27/2013
Seven Fun TCM Facts for this Winter’s Holiday Season

By: Jenn Schulman, Reproductive Medicine Candidate

You know how it is over the holidays. Everyone is eating pie, drinking eggnog, nibbling delicious pastries full of fat and gluten and meat. The layperson often assumes that TCM practitioners skip the tasty dishes of the season in favor of sunshine and mushroom tonics. But staying healthy over the holidays doesn’t mean skipping all the treats, it just means having a good excuse to eat them. Here are seven excuses for indulging this holiday season, based on Chinese Nutrition.

DAOM Graduate’s Dissertation Capstone Research Published In order to further establish the basis for the place of Traditional Chinese Medicine in  the currently emerging Federal Affordable Health Care Act, malpractice insurance guru, and legislative advocate, Marilyn Allen has urged TCM practitioners and students to publish case studies documenting their work with patients.  That is exactly what 2011 DAOM graduate, Sharareh Daghighi, has done. 11/22/2013
A Baker's Dozen with Qi The contest announcements used descriptors such as “Big and Fluffy,” “Golden and Brown” and “Delicious” to stimulate a band of Yo San bakers to present the best products of their mixing bowls and ovens at the contest on November 21, 2013.   At 3:00 pm On the day of the event the Bookstore was packed with “Yo Sanners” to view the six beautiful muffin treats and to greet the creators of the competing culinary treats. 11/22/2013
Student Association Alumni Panel Rocks! “Have a realistic business plan, and enhance your practice of Qi Gong” are the words that summarize the advice rendered by three successful Yo San University graduates at a special well attended panel sponsored by the Yo San University Student Association (YSUSA) on Tuesday November 19, 2013.  The alumni panel included George Lamoureux, Karen Gordon and Henry Lee.    11/20/2013
Dr. Dao Does Encore Lecture Series in Switzerland

Yo San University Co-Founder and Co-Chancellor, Dr. Daoshing Ni, was once again invited to deliver a series of lectures at the Tao Chi Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. The lectures delivered November 6, - 11, 2013 mark the second year in a row that Dr. Dao traveled to Europe to address the Tao Chi students, faculty and graduates and other European practitioners who traveled to Zurich for the lectures.

2013 Alumni Event was a “Spirited” Success For more than one reason, spirits were high at the recent Yo San University Alumni Dinner. Whenever a group of Yo San University graduates gather, the spirit of positive Qi, so carefully cultivated during years of study , is inevitably going to be palpable. 11/19/2013
Looking for a Unique and Thoughtful Holiday Gift? All this for $150. And better yet, this is the gift that gives twice. Besides providing a variety of thoughtful items for your loved one, the Yo San Gift Box provides a $100 donation to Yo San University, for which you will receive an official tax deduction donation letter. 11/19/2013
Doing what makes you happy is the secret of Longevity When John is not practicing in his clinic or attending class at Yo San University, you may find him ballroom dancing, baking, golfing, taking photographs, or camping. He is currently completing his doctoral studies in Longevity and Healthy Aging. 11/13/2013
Meet Gina Mortellaro-Gomez Gina entered Yo San’s Reproductive Medicine and Women’s Health DAOM program as the next step in an already long and dynamic history in the field of health.  She earned a B.A. in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from South West Acupuncture College, also in Boulder Colorado. She also has experience as a fitness and personal trainer, with background studies from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 11/13/2013
Tao of Wellness Observation Experience Observing at the Tao of Wellness was one of the most exciting and memorable times for me this year, being that I was able to see firsthand our medicine at work amongst an esteemed team of doctors who are dedicated to their craft.  11/12/2013
The Intricacies of Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis Explored These and many more questions were responded to In a special session conducted on Thursday October 31, 2013, when an enthusiastic group of Yo San University students explored the nuances of tongue and pulse diagnosis. 11/04/2013
A Sujok Encore According to Puttermilech, illness and system imbalance result when the pathways of meridians become blocked. It is the “twist” maneuver that has the potential to clear those blockages. 10/31/2013
LHASA-OMS Reps Sharpen Awareness Regarding Acupuncture Needles The end result is an acupuncture needle that will get the job done. The presenters showed magnifications of samples of Seirin and other needles, and the quality and purity points were decidedly on the side of the Seirin product. 10/31/2013
Yo San University Celebrates National Acupuncture Day It was October 24, 2013 on the Yo San University Campus, and that date marked National Acupuncture Awareness Day.  To promote the occasion members of the University’s Administrative Staff donned Yo San University apparel and proudly displayed the Yo San name and logo for all to witness.  10/25/2013
Tobe Stacey & the Fall 2013 MATCM Dean's Prize It was a proud moment for Tobey Stacey, beaming with joy as she received the Fall 2013 MATCM Dean's Prize from YSU President Dr. Larry Ryan.  10/23/2013
YSU Community Explores Ayurveda In addition to his intensive studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Blaska , has studied Ayurveda for more than twelve years and has traveled extensively in Asia including India.  Blaska’s presentation explored foundational Ayurvedic concepts of “energetics,” “source” and “manifestation” as well as the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) that dominate the theory. 10/16/2013
Community Celebrates DAOM Accreditation In his remarks at the event, Dr. Larry Ryan, YSU President stated:  “There is not one person in this room (and so many who are not able to be with us today), who did not have a significant role in the achievement that we mark today.”  10/16/2013
What’s to Say About Feng Shui? Who would have thought that where your front door is located or how your bed is oriented in your sleeping room has the potential to impact your health, social life and productivity?   Those were exactly the issues explored in “Feng Shui for Health,” presented by Mary Rose Villanova. 09/18/2013
DAOM Program Earns Full Accreditation

For nearly a decade and a half the Yo San University Board of Trustees has provided the vision for the planning and implementation of the program.  In addition to the institutional support, all DAOM students, alumni, faculty and staff members, and especially DAOM Program Director, Dr. Andrea Murchison, deserve hearty congratulations for making this milestone achievement a reality.

Clinic Expansion Heralds a New Model for Clinical Supervision Interactions One of the most obvious changes in the expanded arrangement is that no longer will interns and supervisors have separate work and “hanging out” spaces.   With the start of the Fall 2013 trimester, while on duty in the YSU Community Clinic, both interns and clinical faculty members will engage in clinical supervision interactions in a single large common space.  09/04/2013
Remembering Elizabeth Ohm

For her Yo San University doctoral dissertation/capstone project Elizabeth completed a monumental research project that included a retrospective review of 120 clinical charts to explore the impact of a unique herbal formulation (Qing Bao Zhu Yu Tang) on the condition of endometriosis. Elizabeth was an invited speaker on women's health issues at a number of international conferences. 

Essential Oils For Everyday by Robert Youngs In the past year I’ve had to take one of these prevention formulas at least once a month and have only been sick once.  Not bad for seeing more than ten patients a month with the cold or influenza.  But as I binge watched a mind-numbing amount of TV I realized that two weeks is way too long to be down with this loathsome, contemptible illness – I don’t have time for this!   08/21/2013
Visitors from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Professor Chen and his team were clearly impressed with what they saw. “You (YSU) are so small and yet you offer so much education and clinical training to your students”, Professor Chen complimented. Thank you, GZUCM visitors! 08/21/2013
Dr. Mao and Dr. Dao to lecture in Switzerland Yo San University (YSU) Co-founders, Board Members and Faculty members , Dr. Mao Shing Ni and Daoshing Ni will deliver a series of lectures at the Tao Chi School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zurich, Switzerland.   Dr. Mao’s  lectures will be take place September 5-8, 2013 and will focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments to promote  Healthy Aging .  08/08/2013
Master Ni will make rare US visit Master Hua-Ching Ni (OmNi) is the author of over 70 books in English and 50 books in Chinese that facilitate personal spirituality and life balance consistent with the Tao.  He is also the father of Yo San University founders, Drs. Dao and Mao Ni, and provided his sons the inspiration to follow careers in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nearly twenty five years ago urged his sons to establish the University named in honor of Master Ni’s father (Yo San).  08/08/2013
Tea Master Returns to Yo San University The Yo San University community was thrilled to welcome international tea scholar, Wu De, to the campus on Tuesday August 6, 2013.   Wu De’s recent visit included his third address to the You San Community in recent years.   While sipping tea, the captivated audience considered Wu De’s assertions about the cultivation, culture and healing properties of tea . 08/08/2013
DAOM Student, George Lamoureux will speak in Calgary, Alberta Canada Yo San University graduate, George Lamoureux, MATCM, will do a presentation on Saturday evening August 17 at the grand reopening of the Light Cellar.  08/06/2013
YSU at Health and Fitness Festival in Santa Monica

On Saturday July 27th, Yo San University Clinic joined over 60 local businesses at the Third Street Promenade to participate in the annual Santa Monica Wellbeing Health and Fitness Festival hosted by the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

Legendary Singer, Freda Payne, A Model of Health and Positive Energy Yo San University is fortunate to hold legendary singer Freda Payne as a friend and supporter.   Payne’s spirited performance at the May 18, 2013 Robert Graham Visionary Award Event honoring choreographer/director Debbie Allen set a new entertainment standard for the annual University gala. 07/22/2013
Brenda Strong's Yoga for Fertility Retreats Television star of Desperate Housewives and Dallas, Brenda Strong, wants all of her Yo San friends to be aware of two upcoming Yoga Programs, “Strong 4 Fertility Teacher Training I & II,” and  “Strong Yoga 4 Fertility Retreat” that will take place in Monterey, California.     07/17/2013
Meet Dr. Debbie Rodriguez Debbie’s research project motivated her to read intensely and gather data from sources that ranged from ancient classic texts to current randomized controlled studies, as well numerous articulations of theory and research in between. From her research Debbie achieved a renewed respect for the time-treasured foundational theories of TCM. 
Sojok - Hand and Foot and so much more The word “Sojok” means “hand and foot,“ and that is precisely the focus of Professor Park’s ground breaking work.   It is Park’s theory that the hands and the feet constitute mini-representations of the entire body and all bodily systems.  06/21/2013
Acupuncture Helps Little Boy Battling Painful Disease - Yo San Externship Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles “They’re really great. He doesn’t really feel them. Instead of just having points for abdominal pain, we have points that are really specific for Colton,” said Monika Kobylecka, an acupuncture therapist and Yo San's supervisor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 06/20/2013
Art Auction to Benefit Yo San University Community Outreach Projects

Yo San University recently received a generous donation of two large sculptures from Freddy and Candy DeMann who are members of the university’s Board of Luminaries.   The sale of the two sculptures will benefit the Yo San University community outreach services at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, The Venice Family Clinic, Being Alive (West Hollywood), WISE & Healthy Aging (Santa Monica), and Virginia House (Tarzana).  

Neil Gumenick Presents Five Element Theory “It’s all in odor, color, sound and emotion” were the words of Professor Neil Gumenick, who addressed a group of Over forty Yo San University students and faculty members gathered in the Qi studio on Thursday June 6, 2013.     06/07/2013
Dance to Wellness: A Star Studded and Spectacular Evening! Debbie Allen Moves Audience With More Than Dance, and Legendary Singers, James Ingram and Freda Payne, Serenade Their Long-time Friend. 06/07/2013
Swiss Interns 2013 Yo San University (YSU) hosted three graduate TCM students from Tao Chi Schulungszentrum Zürich during the Spring 2013 trimester. The Swiss interns spent 4 weeks in YSU attending a variety of classes in acupuncture, TCM internal medicine, Chinese medical herbology, TCM nutrition as well as courses in YSU’s unique Qi-cultivation program. 04/30/2013
Graduation 2013 Thirty-three joyful and jubilant graduates gathered in the Skirball Cultural Center – Magnin Auditorium on April 21, 2013 to participate in the 2013 Yo San University Commencement Ceremony.  04/29/2013
Stener-Victorin Event Draws National Participation TCM practitioners from all over the country participated in the April 14, 2013 continuing education event conducted at Yo San University by distinguished fertility researcher Elisabet Stener- Victorin, Ph.D. Thirty five eager acupuncturists from both Northern and Southern California, and from points well beyond including Chicago gathered in the Yo San University Qi studio for the Event. 04/17/2013
100% Pass Rate at CALE, again! It is our pleasure to announce that Yo San recent grads achieved a perfect 100% pass rate for our first-time test takers on the recent February 2013 California Acupuncture Licensing Examination (CALE). Our heartiest congratulations go out to all our recent graduates on your remarkable success in this rigorous and challenging examination. We are very proud of your achievement! 04/07/2013
Virginia House Externship brings Yo San Clinical Services to the Valley For the first time in the nearly 25 year history of Yo San University the services of the Yo San University Clinic are being offered in the Los Angeles suburban area of the San Fernando Valley.  02/01/2013
Lights—Sound—Action!! On Tuesday January 15, 2013 an enthusiastic group of over 30 students, faculty, staff and other community members gathered in the Qi Studio to witness the demonstration of Fabian Maman, a sound and light therapy practitioner.  Fabien Maman is considered the founding father of Vibrational Sound Therapy. 01/19/2013
Jennessee Acupuncture Project Since she graduated from Yo San University in 2009, Nini Mai, L. Ac. has consistently taken the opportunity to donate hours of community service for the betterment of humanity.  Immediately after graduation, Nini, along with fellow Yo San alums, Henry Lee and Kimberly Reid, founded the Jennessee Acupuncture Project to provide free healthcare for survivors of domestic violence.
Dr. Kumiko Yamamoto Kumiko feels strongly that the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are maximized through the simultaneous practice of qigong. As a result, above and beyond the extensive qigong training that she experienced through the Master’s Degree program at Yo San University, Kumiko also engaged additional trainings that led to certifications in Harmony Tai Chi, Crane Style Qi Gong and Tai Chi Sword forms. With extensive externship placements at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Premiere Oncology, and Venice Family Clinic, by the time she graduated Kumiko was experienced in treating a wide range of patients and conditions.  12/20/2012
Thunder! Lightening! Light! Camera! Action! Despite unforgiving weather, with torrential rains and a flood warning in Malibu and surrounding areas, Yo San University’s staff and volunteers plowed forth on March 25th to put on another memorable Robert Graham Visionary Award Celebration.  06/07/2012
Nutrition, Disney, Deepak Chopra As her TCM career developed, Lori found herself in diverse roles including those of traditional acupuncturist in private practice and spa-based practitioner. Entering and completing the Yo San University DAOM Program with a specialty in fertility studies was the next logical step in Lori’s career, because she had developed a strong interest in reproductive medicine, both from a Western and Eastern medicine perspective. 12/30/2011
Frequent Flyer, Fertility and Fate Paula only considered it fate when she saw an announcement of a new doctoral program at Yo San University in Los Angeles with a specialty focus in Fertility Studies/Reproductive Medicine. In spite of the distance between Fairbanks, Alaska and Los Angeles, California, Paula was determined to be a part of the program. The intensive one weekend per month modular format sealed the deal for making the focused education that Paula so eagerly desired a reality.  12/29/2011
Dr. Jessica Chen and The Sitting Moon Dr. Chen, who is an associate in the busy Tao of Wellness practice collaborated with professional mentor and DAOM Faculty member, Dr. Daoshing Ni on the book, Sitting Moon: A Guide to Rejuvenation After Pregnancy. The book provides sound advice on how women can safely and quickly recover both energy and health after having a baby. The “moon” in the title of the book refers to the one month of recommended rest after delivery—a period of time that allows a woman to regain the strength that she has given to her baby in the gestation and childbirth processes.  12/29/2011
DAOM Graduate’s Expertise Spans both Female and Male Infertility Factors Entering and completing the Yo San University Doctoral in the Reproductive Medicine specialty was a natural and logical step for the ever inquiring young practitioner. In the Yo San University DAOM Program Virginia expanded her knowledge considerably by focusing a good deal of her own research activity on the factor of male infertility. Virginia’s DAOM Capstone research project synthesized the results of prior research on the effects of TCM on sperm parameters with focus on DNA fragmentation. 12/28/2011
Active Army Service Leads to a Passion for Reproductive Medicine With a husband, three children and a busy household in San Diego, those monthly freeway trips between San Diego and LA did not allow time for shopping breaks at South Coast Plaza. While there were lots of sacrifices and a ton of work (with commensurate learning) in the two year program, Gila expanded her knowledge and skills considerably. Besides developing a close network and supportive community of like-minded TCM colleagues among her fellow doctoral candidates and faculty members, Gila engaged numerous clinical experiences that greatly expanded and sharpened her skills and repertoire of approaches for treating the wide range of factors that impact fertility. 12/27/2011
Doctoral Program Involvement Leads to Full Time Job Florence’s responsibilities also include teaching Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan classes and assisting with clinic marketing tasks by designing and editing brochures and newsletters. Prior to entering the Yo San University DAOM Program, Florence had completed the six year training program at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, where she earned the highest honors in her class in the fields of TCM gynecology and acupuncture.  12/25/2011
Who Will Drive the Kids to Music Lessons?—Busy Ventura Mom is now “Dr. Mom” Without a doubt Cindy and her family’s infrastructures were stretched during her two years of commuting to Los Angeles for the full and stimulating monthly Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions of the Yo San University DAOM Program. Besides the usual preparation for classes, clinic hours and the monumental doctoral capstone dissertation (Cindy’s research project engaged a sample of California TCM reproductive medicine practitioners in a survey regarding their use of the two dominant fertility treatment protocols), Cindy’s tenure in the Yo San DAOM Program also included the optional China hospital externship. 12/20/2011
Questions, Questions, Questions! The Yo San University DAOM program with its specialty in Reproductive Medicine was perfect for Carla. It allowed her to learn from both TCM experts and Western medicine physicians who were dealing with issues most fundamental to the survival of humanity—how our daily choices and personal histories have a significant impact on fertile potential and overall health. While answering many of Carla’s questions, the two years of one weekend a month classes and supervised fertility clinic sessions also stimulated the generation of many more questions. 12/20/2011
How Does a Doctoral Research Project Develop? Because all DAOM candidates were involved in the Yo San University Fertility Clinic sessions, Andrea’s defense presentation was one of especially high interest for the DAOM students and faculty members in attendance. What was learned from the DAOM Capstone Dissertation Project? Research is based in experience and hunches. It is a simple matter of articulating hunches into viable research questions that are grounded by prior literature and sound methodology.  11/30/2011
China Trip April 2011 The two-week YSU intensive program was specifically developed to fulfill the requirements of the YSU DAOM specialty in Reproductive Medicine. All of the following were included: participation in outpatient clinical sessions, in-patient ward rounds, didactic lectures, small-group tutorials and discussions, and acupuncture demonstrations at both the CDUTCM First Affiliated TCM Hospital as well as the CDUTCM Second Affiliated TCM Hospital (also known as the Sichuan Institute of Reproductive Health, which specializes in an integrative approach to Reproductive Medicine).  04/30/2011

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