Master's Program

To remain eligible for Federal Financial Aid, students must make Satisfactory Academic Progress toward the completion of the Masters program. Yo San University measures Satisfactory Academic Progress in three ways: cumulative GPA, pace of program completion and average units earned. “Satisfactory Progress” means that the student’s cumulative GPA is at least a 2.0, that the pace (earned units compared to attempted units) is at least 67% and that the average earned units required for the degree per term is thirteen for full time financial aid students.  

Progress is measured after each trimester. Students who fail to make Satisfactory Academic Progress are placed on Financial Aid Warning for one trimester. If at the end of the Warning trimester, Satisfactory Academic Progress standards are still not met, the student is ineligible for Federal Student Aid.  

The student may appeal the result. Appeals must explain why the student failed to make satisfactory progress and what has changed in his situation that will allow him to make satisfactory progress at the next evaluation. The appeal must also include an Academic Progress Course Plan approved by the Assistant Academic Dean. The plan must ensure that the student will meet standards within a specific time frame.  When the appeal is granted by the Financial Aid Office, eligibility is re-instated and the student is ‘on Financial Aid Probation’ for one trimester. When the Academic Progress Course Plan is not followed, the student is ineligible for Federal Student Aid. The student may again appeal. If an appeal is not granted, eligibility is reinstated when the student’s GPA, pace and average units meet standards.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Definitions:

Full Time is defined as borrowing $8000 or greater through the Federal Student Loan programs and averaging at least 13 required units per trimester. 

Half Time is defined as borrowing less than $8000 through the Federal Student Loan programs and averaging at least 8 required units per trimester. The maximum time frame for completing the program as a half time financial aid student is 24 trimesters.

Repeats: Courses repeated more than once may not count toward full time or half time status.

Units Attempted: Units from enrolled courses are added to total attempted units when the letter grade is A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, W, WF and I. Units from courses with a grade of WX are not added to units attempted.  

Transfer Units: Transfer units from another school are added to total units earned and attempted

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