Why Yo San University of TCM?

The Yo San Community:

Upon entering Yo San University, you quickly realize that the students, faculty, administration and clinicians have a common bond. They are united, committed to TCM education, the Yo San community, and individual growth processes. All share an understanding of the history, values and goals that make Yo San a remarkable school of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Yo San Legacy:

Our founders Daoshing Ni and Mao Shing NI established Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to “pass on the teachings of their father, Hua-Ching Ni, their grandfather, Yo San Ni, and the ancient teachers of Chinese Medicine to future generations—to provide you with a place of learning based on the guiding principles of Taoism, where you may explore your own spiritual growth as an integral part of learning the healing arts.

Our Qi Cultivation Program:

Our program teaches you to become examples of whole and healthy living for others. From a place of centered wholeness you are able to clearly perceive patterns of imbalance in others and help guide them toward healthy, radiant lives – lives in harmony and balance with nature.

Our Taoist Roots:

The ancient Taoists, keen observers of nature and people, recognized certain universal laws. The “law of energy response” is one of these and is at the core of our curriculum. When we are positive, constructive and creative, and learn to maintain poise within the ebb and flow of change, we attract correspondingly higher frequency energy and negative influences are transformed.

Our Pass Rate:

Yo San graduates consistently have the highest or close to the highest pass rate on the National and California Licensing Board exams and move on to become successful TCM practitioners and leaders in the practice of Chinese Medicine in the U.S.

Our Leadership:

Yo San is a leader in the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. This is a unique moment in history to become a TCM practitioner. The trend toward Integrative Medicine, where the practices of Eastern and Western medicine are combined for maximum effectiveness, is opening doors of great opportunity. Our interns provide care in many Western medical practices in the fields of pain management, healthy aging, gynecology and HIV management. 

Our Doctoral Program:

The Yo San Doctoral Programin Reproductive Medicine is the first of its kind in the United States. Doctoral candidates receive intensive residency training from top faculty members at institutions including UCLA, USC, and Duke University, as well as other Reproductive Endocrinology experts and top TCM Doctoral Level Infertility specialists. 

Our Grads:

Students leave here as strong individuals, ready to become competent, licensed, primary health care professionals. We invite you to join us at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and become a member of the 39th generation of healers in the Yo San family tradition.


To read more about the Yo San legacy and the Masters in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Program please see the Yo San View Book and the Yo San Performance Fact Sheet.


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