When you select Yo San, we commit to do everything we can to help you succeed. Because the life of a great school is largely created by its students, we seek individuals who have the potential to contribute to the practice of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and to benefit from the extraordinary opportunities available here. We also seek individuals from a broad range of educational disciplines who demonstrate the maturity and preparation necessary to undertake our Master’s of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese program. 

In evaluating applicants, our primary consideration is your prior academic work and life experience. Admission includes a thorough review of each candidate’s application materials by members of the Admissions Committee. Since we regard each applicant individually, there is no set formula for admission. Yo San is interested in the best students. Study at Yo San involves engaging a process that at minimum will allow you to develop the skills needed to become a TCM practitioner and to guide you in a lifetime of learning what it means to be a healer. 


Applicants must have completed a minimum of two years of college at an accredited* institution (a minimum of 90 quarter credits, or 60 semester credits with 2.5 GPA).

*Accredited means having been approved fully and without contingency by an association or other organization of peers recognized for that purpose by the U.S. Secretary of Education to offer a particular degree or degrees at a particular level, as specified in the approval. 
Office of Admissions Minimize

Christina Andrick
Director of Enrollment Management

310-577-3000 x 124

or 1-877 YOSAN4U


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