Requesting a Tutor

Tutoring is available, and free of cost, to any Yo San student who desires to strengthen their academic understanding and performance through our tutorship program. The University employs recent graduates and upper-level students in high academic standing to tutor peers who feel they would benefit from more individualized instruction. A list of available tutors and contact information is posted each trimester on the official Administration Bulletin Board located to the right of the Student Lounge entrance. If further assistance is needed, please contact Andrea Murchison, Assistant Academic Dean, at

Becoming a Tutor

Yo San University offers limited paid tutorships each trimester. Any second, third or fourth year YSU student who is enrolled full time (12 or more units) may apply for a tutorship. Tutorships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and overall performance at the University.


  • Possess a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Submit a personal recommendation from a Department Chair or Senior faculty member
  • Maintain good financial standing with the University

Students interested in becoming a tutor must submit a completed application to the Dean of Academic & Clinical Affairs by the end of each term. Short‐listed candidates will be interviewed by the Dean of Academic & Clinical Affairs prior to the final selection.

Recipients of the tutorships will be announced prior to the start of each trimester. The tutorship is valid for one trimester and may be renewed the following trimester subject to the tutor’s satisfactory performance.

For more information, please contact the Dean of Academic & Clinical Affairs.

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