Yo San Faculty

These extraordinary teachers and practitioners have chosen Yo San—and Yo San has chosen them—because they have a talent and a passion for teaching TCM students, combined with a sophisticated command of their disciplines. Several instructors studied, taught and practiced at some of China’s top TCM Universities; some come from distinguished families of Chinese practitioners; and others trained at American TCM and Western Medical Schools.

Practice Management & Professional Development



Marilyn Allen, M.S.

Marilyn Allen is a well-known expert in the fields of acupuncture and medical malpractice. She is also the current director of marketing for the American Acupuncture Council.



Alfredo Briones, MD(Philippines), MATCM
Program: MATCM

Dr. Briones holds a B.S Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate degree from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines.  



Brady Chin, BA, MSOM
Program: MATCM

Brady earned his BA from Boston University and a MSOM(Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine) from Samra University. He has over twenty years of experience in athletics, yoga, qigong and martial arts.


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