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Benny Jun
Benny Jun Lin
Program:  MATCM
Department:  Acupuncture


Benny J. Lin graduated from Guang Xi University of TCM, China in 1984. He subsequently completed postgraduate studies at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to his formal academic education, Benny Lin also trained extensively under various renowned specialists and scholars of TCM.


Benny Jun Lin is the third-generation apprentice of Master Kong Bohua, one of the four highest ranking, best known TCM Specialist in modern China. After moving to America, he received further professional training, culminating in a Doctor of Oriental Medicine Benny Lin is also a respected researcher of TCM.

 His professional affiliations and positions include vice chairman of The World Association of Manipulative Medicine. Most recently, he received the Outstanding Contribution Award at the 9th International Congress on Manipulative Medicine and Traditional Therapy for his paper on the relationship between TCM traditional therapy and Western chiropractic treatments.




Tuina / Acupressure, TCM Internal Medicine 1, Clinical Theater, Case Studies


Research Interests: 


Among his publications, “Spine-Related Diseases” and “Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine Series-Kong Bohua” have been well received in his fields.

Updated on:   02/26/2014 
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