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Doctorate In Integrative Medicine: Healthy Aging & Longevity

The two year doctoral clinical specialty program integrates advanced Western and Eastern approaches for the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and re-balancing of prematurely accelerated or age-related dysfunctions, disorders, and diseases. Students learn the appropriate care for patients with age related conditions including hormonal imbalances, diabetes, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, stroke, dementia and cancer. Students also complete original research in these areas. Program features include: Case-base learning; Advanced herbal formula writing; Practical demonstrations of myofascial, acupuncture, tuina, gi-gong and more; Physical exams for specific conditions; collaboration with other health care professionals; evidence-based practice and research methods.


Pam Tarlow, Pharm.D.

Pam Tarlow has been a licensed community pharmacist since 1981, when she received her Pharm.D. from the University of Southern California (USC). For over 17 years she has specialized in integrative pharmacy, helping customers and professionals effectively use natural products, integrated therapies, and pharmaceuticals for prevention and health care concerns. In addition to teaching at Yo San, Pam practices at Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy and consults with private clients, community pharmacists and other practitioners. She is a preceptor for USC and Western University Pharmacy School students and teaches part of the Self-Care course. Her commitment to continuing her own education in personalized, lifestyle-based functional medicine informs her approach when she lectures to diverse groups on natural medicine, nutrition, hormone balance, therapeutic aromatherapy, meditation, and mindful eating.


Mao Shing Ni, OMD, Ph.D, L.Ac. – Co-founder of Yo San University, Co-Chair of the Integrative Medicine/Healthy Aging Specialty

Dr. Maoshing Ni is a doctor of Chinese medicine and an authority in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine. He began his medical training with his father, a renowned physician of Chinese medicine and Taoist master. Dr. Mao earned two doctoral degrees from Samra University of Oriental Medicine where wrote his PhD dissertation on nutrition. He also conducted a 20-year study of centenarians in China.  A board certified anti-aging specialist with the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners, Dr. Mao and his brother co-founded Yo San University and the Tao of Wellness, a private practice in Santa Monica, California.  He has authored many books including Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways to Live to be 100, Secrets of Self-Healing, Chinese Herbology, Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, Engergy Enhancement Exercise: The Eight Treasures, Ageless: Smooth Passages through Menopause, Dr. Mao's Harmony Tai Chi, and The Tao of Nutrition, a required text for the California Acupuncture Board Licensing Examination.

Jennifer Magnabosco, Ph.D.

Dr. Magnabosco earned BA and MA degrees from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Social Policy with a concentration in Community Mental Health from Columbia University in New York. Her background includes positions at the RAND Corporation, the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. She has also served as a research policy consultant for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. With numerous textbook and research publications to her credit, Dr. Magnabosco is expert at teaching and facilitating research. She is currently working on a text that focuses on outcome measurement in the human services.

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