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International Students

International students are also required to follow the steps outlined on the Application Process page. If you studied TCM, Oriental medicine, or acupuncture outside the US., you must submit the following:
  • Documentation of English language proficiency through writing samples and interviews. Non-native English speakers must have a TOFEL score of 600 or TSE score of 50 or proof of completion of 2 years of undergraduate course work from an accredited college or university in the USA.
  • Photocopies of the first page of your passport and the I-94, I-20, on the visa page. 
  • Completed Transfer Release Form verifying your current SERVIS status and eligibility for transfer.  A transfer Release Form can be requested from the DAOM Office. 
  • Foreign transcripts must be translated into English and evaluated by a recognized credentials evaluation service.  A list of companies that provide this service is available from the DAOM Office.
Scholarship search and Canadian Student Loan information is available on the International Student Financial Aid page.
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