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Our Candidates and Graduates' Stories



News, events and stories related to Yo San University Doctoral Program.

DAOM Spotlight on: Sonia Tan, BA, BA(H), DTCM, R.Ac., R.TCM.P.

So how does one go from being a Banker to a Kinesiologist to an Acupuncturist & TCM Practitioner? Life started out normal for Sonia as a kid who was active in elite-level sports. After completing her Bachelor’s in Economics & Psychology, at the age of 21 she went on to have a successful career as a Commercial Account Banker. During this time, Sonia was still competing internationally in elite rhythmic gymnastics. Though she grew up playing many sports, she also battled severe allergies and asthma from the age of 8.

DAOM Research Spotlight: George Lamoureux

For recent DAOM graduate George Lamoureux the concept of “Jing” is a key factor that has inspired and guided his life course. The word “Jing” means “essence as pure potential.” As a firm believer that every human being is endowed with unique human potential, George Lamoureux learned early in his adult career the importance of following a path that is consistent with his own “Jing.”

Meet our new President, Lois Green, M.H.S.A.

Born and raised in a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania, Lois Green had a passion for healthcare and education from an early age. In fact, her first job while in high school was doing front office and admissions work at her local hospital. Lois then headed to the University of Pittsburgh with an eye on teaching world cultures; she left as a Phi Beta Kappa graduate who found that medical anthropology offered a unique opportunity to bring healthcare and education together.

Being Gluten-Free Linked to Less 'Brain Fog' in Celiac Study A gluten-free diet was associated with improved cognitive performance that correlated with mucosal healing in a small pilot study of patients with celiac disease published online May 28 and in the July issue of Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 06/30/2014
DAOM Research Spotlight: 2014 Doctoral Distinction Award Winner John Blaska On his path to becoming an Eagle Scout, John Blaska knew that his life would be one that focused not on being an “average guy,” but one that would be characterized by involvement in ground breaking projects. Simultaneously blended into his high achievement aspirations, John developed a respect for nature and the natural path, a motivation that he attributes to adherence to the writings of Eastern philosophers such Hua Ching Ni, the father of Yo San University Founders, Dr. Mao Shing and Dr. Daoshing Ni. What resulted from his formative influences has been nothing less than phenomenal. 06/27/2014
Give him an Ear—White-Eagle Perry Has Something to Say White-Eagle Perry’s journey to earning the highest degree in the field of Oriental Medicine was one with many meaningful milestones along the way. Early in his life White-Eagle expressed strong interest in learning more about the contemplative and meditative practices of his ancestors. 05/20/2014
Doctoral Thesis Presentations a Success After graduation on March 23rd, 2014, the members of Cohort 3 in Yo San’s Doctoral Program were not quite finished; they still had one very important thing to do. The DAOM Thesis presentations took place several weeks later, from April 4th to 6th, on Yo San University’s campus. The event represented a culmination of research, time and dedication for each of the nine cohort members.   04/15/2014
Dr. Dao, Brenda Strong and Yo San Grads Highlighted at Conference Yo San University Founder, Dr. Daoshing Ni, and Brenda Strong (star of Desperate Housewives, and Dallas, and long time friend of the University),  along with YSU grads Andrea Thorpe and Danica Thornbury were among the featured presenters at the “Fertility Planit” Conference held April 4-5, 2014 at UCLA. 04/14/2014
DAOM Grad’s Capstone Dissertation Report Published When Debbie Rodriguez graduated from the Yo San University DAOM Reproductive Medicine specialty program in April of 2013, she knew that the research work that she had accomplished regarding “Forbidden Acupuncture Points During Pregnancy” via her Capstone Dissertation was unique and significant.   04/10/2014
Cohort #3 Posts Another “On-Time Completion” Milestone for DAOM Dissertation Process

The Yo San University DAOM Program is proud to boast that it has no candidates in “ABD” status. For each of the three cohorts that have undertaken and progressed through the two-year Yo San University advanced specialty doctoral programs in the Reproductive Medicine and Healthy Aging specialties, every candidate has completed the dissertation requirement on time.


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