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2015 YSU Doctoral Dissertation Conference

The mood during the weekend was one of celebration. Students received great praise from their advisors and the members of the evaluation committee, who couldn’t help but tell the audience and the presenters how proud they were of the growth exhibited by each student during the process.


Alumni and Doctoral Students Delve into Research with Richard Hammerschlag, PhD

Dr. Hammerschlag, a former YSU President, served the University in several capacities including University Academic Dean and Research Director from 1991 – 1998. He is well known for his work in the fields of neurobiology, bio-field physiology and acupuncture.

CBC Interviews Yo San Doctoral Student, Sonia Tan—Watch Here

As a preview to the coming Chinese New Year, Sonia Tan, Doctoral Student Class of 2016, shares her expertise in the intricacies of Chinese Astrology and what 2015 may hold with our Neighbors to the North at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

George Lamoureux's capstone research published in Flora Journal

 Dr. George Lamoureux's capstone research has been published in the International Journal of Herbal Medicine.

The Scientific Basis of TCM Seasonal Adaptation: Autumn by Amanda Gaitaud, L.Ac. According to Chinese medicine, seasonal adaptation is a significant component of cultivating health and nourishing life. The same forces that govern all life cycles on the planet also direct our internal biorhythms. Harmonizing our physiology with the ecological ebbs and flows throughout the year promotes a long, healthy life. 11/25/2014
DAOM Spotlight on: Zia Atayan, L.Ac. Zia Atayan, L.Ac. is a doctoral student at Yo San University, specializing in Longevity and Healthy Aging. He completed his undergraduate work at UC Berkeley where he received his B.A. in Public Health. In his early career, he traveled to numerous locations in Latin American to practice Oriental Medicine. 11/18/2014
DAOM Spotlight on: Bita Yadidi, L.Ac. At a young age, Bita and her family moved from Iran in 1979 and planted their roots in Los Angeles, California. Bita’s passion for learning and teaching began to sprout, and she continued her education at UCLA, where she graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and Education. 10/28/2014
DAOM Potluck features Tasty & Medicinal Dishes (with Recipes!) There were many tasty dishes at the potluck that took place during the August DAOM weekend, notably several traditional and medicinal dishes made by Yo San's own staff and faculty. Recipes from the event are included in the full article. 09/30/2014
TCM Theater in YSU's Doctoral Program The August DAOM weekend was a great success including a fully-costumed play, in Dr. Yueying Li's TCM Classics course. Cohort 5 members Michael Maguire and Jan Hunt teamed up to entertain and educate their classmates, as they told the story of China's most famous surgeon, Hua Tuo (110 - 207 CE). 09/30/2014
DAOM Spotlight on: Annie Budhatoki, L.Ac. Annie Budhathoki, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Utah and a nationally certified Diplomat of Acupuncture. She is currently a full time acupuncturist at the Huntsman Cancer Institute Wellness and Survivorship Center. She is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California with a Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine specializing in Orthopedics, Pain Management and Geriatrics.. 09/30/2014

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