Doctoral Program in Integrative Medicine

Now enrolling both specialties for May 2015:
Longevity/Healthy Aging and Women's Health/Reproductive Medicine

Fully ACAOM Accredited Program

Become a Leader and a Master Practitioner

Our Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program offers the opportunity to become a leader in the delivery of the enhanced patient care that happens when TCM and Biomedicine practices are integrated. Created by master TCM practitioners and Biomedical experts from China and the U.S., our curriculum includes advanced training in all aspects of TCM and within a core specialty, applicable biomedical science and advanced patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment. This knowledge and these skills also allow you to collaborate with health care practitioners in multiple disciplines to treat patients, conduct research and engage in other scholarly activities.  

We select as faculty, experienced, successful teachers and practitioners who demonstrate superior knowledge and skill in their fields, and a passion and commitment to healing. The program is designed to foster collaboration, build professional networks and to allow for mentor relationships.

When you commit Yo San University’s Doctoral Program, we commit to do everything we can to help you succeed and prepare you for a future in integrative medicine as a skilled practitioner, teacher, leader and innovator.

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