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Student Association Alumni Panel Rocks! By:

“Have a realistic business plan, and enhance your practice of Qi Gong” are the words that summarize the advice rendered by three successful Yo San University graduates at a special well attended panel sponsored by the Yo San University Student Association (YSUSA) on Tuesday November 19, 2013.  The alumni panel included George Lamoureux, Karen Gordon and Henry Lee.   

Dr. Dao Does Encore Lecture Series in Switzerland By:

Yo San University Co-Founder and Co-Chancellor, Dr. Daoshing Ni, was once again invited to deliver a series of lectures at the Tao Chi Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. The lectures delivered November 6, - 11, 2013 mark the second year in a row that Dr. Dao traveled to Europe to address the Tao Chi students, faculty and graduates and other European practitioners who traveled to Zurich for the lectures.

2013 Alumni Event was a “Spirited” Success By:

For more than one reason, spirits were high at the recent Yo San University Alumni Dinner. Whenever a group of Yo San University graduates gather, the spirit of positive Qi, so carefully cultivated during years of study , is inevitably going to be palpable.

Looking for a Unique and Thoughtful Holiday Gift? By:

All this for $150. And better yet, this is the gift that gives twice. Besides providing a variety of thoughtful items for your loved one, the Yo San Gift Box provides a $100 donation to Yo San University, for which you will receive an official tax deduction donation letter.

Doing what makes you happy is the secret of Longevity By:

When John is not practicing in his clinic or attending class at Yo San University, you may find him ballroom dancing, baking, golfing, taking photographs, or camping. He is currently completing his doctoral studies in Longevity and Healthy Aging.

Meet Gina Mortellaro-Gomez By:

Gina entered Yo San’s Reproductive Medicine and Women’s Health DAOM program as the next step in an already long and dynamic history in the field of health.  She earned a B.A. in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from South West Acupuncture College, also in Boulder Colorado. She also has experience as a fitness and personal trainer, with background studies from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Tao of Wellness Observation Experience By:

Observing at the Tao of Wellness was one of the most exciting and memorable times for me this year, being that I was able to see firsthand our medicine at work amongst an esteemed team of doctors who are dedicated to their craft. 

The Intricacies of Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis Explored By:

These and many more questions were responded to In a special session conducted on Thursday October 31, 2013, when an enthusiastic group of Yo San University students explored the nuances of tongue and pulse diagnosis.

A Sujok Encore By:

According to Puttermilech, illness and system imbalance result when the pathways of meridians become blocked. It is the “twist” maneuver that has the potential to clear those blockages.

LHASA-OMS Reps Sharpen Awareness Regarding Acupuncture Needles By:

The end result is an acupuncture needle that will get the job done. The presenters showed magnifications of samples of Seirin and other needles, and the quality and purity points were decidedly on the side of the Seirin product.

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