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Observation experience of spinal surgery at the St. Jude Medical center By: Soeon Park

Written by 4th year intern at Yo San University Acupuncture Clinic, Soeon Park
"I want to share my excellent observation experience at the Department of Spinal Surgery of the St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton on August 24,2015. It was before sunrise but I was so excited to drive down to Fullerton to observe spinal surgery. Unsurprisingly, I was so nervous at the beginning but I felt more excited later. I was so appreciative to be chosen and welcomed by the staff and medical team at St. Jude Medical Center."

Fall 2015 CHLA Externship Participants Selected By: Admin

Brian Lee, Dean of Clinical Education announced the Fall 2015 CHLA Externship Participants. After reviewing several applications from short-­‐listed candidates

Integrative Clinical Experiences Summer 2015 Participants Selected By: Admin

Brian Lee, Dean of Clinical Education, has announced the selected candidates for Integrative Clinical Experiences for the Summer 2015 Trimester. After reviewing several applications from short-­‐listed candidates

Santa Monica Mirror Features YSU Externship at WISE & Healthy Aging By:

WISE and Healthy Aging's unique partnership with Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine brings pain relief, improved vitality to seniors and caregivers, and helps train advanced practitioners.

Tao of Wellness Observation Experience By:

Observing at the Tao of Wellness was one of the most exciting and memorable times for me this year, being that I was able to see firsthand our medicine at work amongst an esteemed team of doctors who are dedicated to their craft. 

Acupuncture Helps Little Boy Battling Painful Disease - Yo San Externship Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles By:

“They’re really great. He doesn’t really feel them. Instead of just having points for abdominal pain, we have points that are really specific for Colton,” said Monika Kobylecka, an acupuncture therapist and Yo San's supervisor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Virginia House Externship brings Yo San Clinical Services to the Valley By:

For the first time in the nearly 25 year history of Yo San University the services of the Yo San University Clinic are being offered in the Los Angeles suburban area of the San Fernando Valley. 

China Trip April 2011 By:

The two-week YSU intensive program was specifically developed to fulfill the requirements of the YSU DAOM specialty in Reproductive Medicine. All of the following were included: participation in outpatient clinical sessions, in-patient ward rounds, didactic lectures, small-group tutorials and discussions, and acupuncture demonstrations at both the CDUTCM First Affiliated TCM Hospital as well as the CDUTCM Second Affiliated TCM Hospital (also known as the Sichuan Institute of Reproductive Health, which specializes in an integrative approach to Reproductive Medicine). 

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