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Dr. Jessica Chen and The Sitting Moon By:

Dr. Chen, who is an associate in the busy Tao of Wellness practice collaborated with professional mentor and DAOM Faculty member, Dr. Daoshing Ni on the book, Sitting Moon: A Guide to Rejuvenation After Pregnancy. The book provides sound advice on how women can safely and quickly recover both energy and health after having a baby. The “moon” in the title of the book refers to the one month of recommended rest after delivery—a period of time that allows a woman to regain the strength that she has given to her baby in the gestation and childbirth processes. 

DAOM Graduate’s Expertise Spans both Female and Male Infertility Factors By:

Entering and completing the Yo San University Doctoral in the Reproductive Medicine specialty was a natural and logical step for the ever inquiring young practitioner. In the Yo San University DAOM Program Virginia expanded her knowledge considerably by focusing a good deal of her own research activity on the factor of male infertility. Virginia’s DAOM Capstone research project synthesized the results of prior research on the effects of TCM on sperm parameters with focus on DNA fragmentation.

Active Army Service Leads to a Passion for Reproductive Medicine By:

With a husband, three children and a busy household in San Diego, those monthly freeway trips between San Diego and LA did not allow time for shopping breaks at South Coast Plaza. While there were lots of sacrifices and a ton of work (with commensurate learning) in the two year program, Gila expanded her knowledge and skills considerably. Besides developing a close network and supportive community of like-minded TCM colleagues among her fellow doctoral candidates and faculty members, Gila engaged numerous clinical experiences that greatly expanded and sharpened her skills and repertoire of approaches for treating the wide range of factors that impact fertility.

Doctoral Program Involvement Leads to Full Time Job By:

Florence’s responsibilities also include teaching Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan classes and assisting with clinic marketing tasks by designing and editing brochures and newsletters. Prior to entering the Yo San University DAOM Program, Florence had completed the six year training program at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, where she earned the highest honors in her class in the fields of TCM gynecology and acupuncture. 

Who Will Drive the Kids to Music Lessons?—Busy Ventura Mom is now “Dr. Mom” By:

Without a doubt Cindy and her family’s infrastructures were stretched during her two years of commuting to Los Angeles for the full and stimulating monthly Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions of the Yo San University DAOM Program. Besides the usual preparation for classes, clinic hours and the monumental doctoral capstone dissertation (Cindy’s research project engaged a sample of California TCM reproductive medicine practitioners in a survey regarding their use of the two dominant fertility treatment protocols), Cindy’s tenure in the Yo San DAOM Program also included the optional China hospital externship.

Questions, Questions, Questions! By:

The Yo San University DAOM program with its specialty in Reproductive Medicine was perfect for Carla. It allowed her to learn from both TCM experts and Western medicine physicians who were dealing with issues most fundamental to the survival of humanity—how our daily choices and personal histories have a significant impact on fertile potential and overall health. While answering many of Carla’s questions, the two years of one weekend a month classes and supervised fertility clinic sessions also stimulated the generation of many more questions.

How Does a Doctoral Research Project Develop? By:

Because all DAOM candidates were involved in the Yo San University Fertility Clinic sessions, Andrea’s defense presentation was one of especially high interest for the DAOM students and faculty members in attendance. What was learned from the DAOM Capstone Dissertation Project? Research is based in experience and hunches. It is a simple matter of articulating hunches into viable research questions that are grounded by prior literature and sound methodology. 

China Trip April 2011 By:

The two-week YSU intensive program was specifically developed to fulfill the requirements of the YSU DAOM specialty in Reproductive Medicine. All of the following were included: participation in outpatient clinical sessions, in-patient ward rounds, didactic lectures, small-group tutorials and discussions, and acupuncture demonstrations at both the CDUTCM First Affiliated TCM Hospital as well as the CDUTCM Second Affiliated TCM Hospital (also known as the Sichuan Institute of Reproductive Health, which specializes in an integrative approach to Reproductive Medicine). 

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