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Dr. Mao and Dr. Dao to lecture in Switzerland By:

Yo San University (YSU) Co-founders, Board Members and Faculty members , Dr. Mao Shing Ni and Daoshing Ni will deliver a series of lectures at the Tao Chi School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zurich, Switzerland.   Dr. Mao’s  lectures will be take place September 5-8, 2013 and will focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments to promote  Healthy Aging . 

Master Ni will make rare US visit By:

Master Hua-Ching Ni (OmNi) is the author of over 70 books in English and 50 books in Chinese that facilitate personal spirituality and life balance consistent with the Tao.  He is also the father of Yo San University founders, Drs. Dao and Mao Ni, and provided his sons the inspiration to follow careers in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nearly twenty five years ago urged his sons to establish the University named in honor of Master Ni’s father (Yo San). 

Tea Master Returns to Yo San University By:

The Yo San University community was thrilled to welcome international tea scholar, Wu De, to the campus on Tuesday August 6, 2013.   Wu De’s recent visit included his third address to the You San Community in recent years.   While sipping tea, the captivated audience considered Wu De’s assertions about the cultivation, culture and healing properties of tea .

DAOM Student, George Lamoureux will speak in Calgary, Alberta Canada By:

Yo San University graduate, George Lamoureux, MATCM, will do a presentation on Saturday evening August 17 at the grand reopening of the Light Cellar. 

YSU at Health and Fitness Festival in Santa Monica By:

On Saturday July 27th, Yo San University Clinic joined over 60 local businesses at the Third Street Promenade to participate in the annual Santa Monica Wellbeing Health and Fitness Festival hosted by the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

Legendary Singer, Freda Payne, A Model of Health and Positive Energy By:

Yo San University is fortunate to hold legendary singer Freda Payne as a friend and supporter.   Payne’s spirited performance at the May 18, 2013 Robert Graham Visionary Award Event honoring choreographer/director Debbie Allen set a new entertainment standard for the annual University gala.

Brenda Strong's Yoga for Fertility Retreats By:

Television star of Desperate Housewives and Dallas, Brenda Strong, wants all of her Yo San friends to be aware of two upcoming Yoga Programs, “Strong 4 Fertility Teacher Training I & II,” and  “Strong Yoga 4 Fertility Retreat” that will take place in Monterey, California.    

Meet Dr. Debbie Rodriguez By:

Debbie’s research project motivated her to read intensely and gather data from sources that ranged from ancient classic texts to current randomized controlled studies, as well numerous articulations of theory and research in between. From her research Debbie achieved a renewed respect for the time-treasured foundational theories of TCM. 

Sojok - Hand and Foot and so much more By:

The word “Sojok” means “hand and foot,“ and that is precisely the focus of Professor Park’s ground breaking work.   It is Park’s theory that the hands and the feet constitute mini-representations of the entire body and all bodily systems. 

Acupuncture Helps Little Boy Battling Painful Disease - Yo San Externship Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles By:

“They’re really great. He doesn’t really feel them. Instead of just having points for abdominal pain, we have points that are really specific for Colton,” said Monika Kobylecka, an acupuncture therapist and Yo San's supervisor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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