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African American History Month, George Washington Carver and Peanuts George Washington Carver, former slave, Educator, Scientist and Agriculturist, whose work in Systematic Botany and Agriculture lead to the development of farm products as well as education and awareness to the Southern black community about  crops, farming, sustainability, importance of natural resources and one’s own connection with nature. 01/31/2014
DAOM Spotlight on: Jennifer Shulman, L.Ac. Jennifer Shulman is a doctoral candidate in Yo San's Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine program. She is a California native from Santa Barbara, and is following in her mother’s footsteps, not only as a California acupuncturist, but also as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Jennifer spent several years practicing acupuncture in New York City before returning to California and beginning her current practice in Redondo Beach. Jennifer maintains a thriving practice and has provided over five thousand treatments since she entered the field in 2008. 01/30/2014
The American Acupuncturist: Call for Submissions Beginning with the winter 2014 issue, v 66, the AAAOM’s peer-reviewed research journal, The American Acupuncturist, has a new section: "Clinical Pearls.” What is a clinical pearl? These are small bits of free-standing, clinically relevant information based on experience or observation and that address a specific topic. They can be communicated either verbally or in printed form. 01/30/2014
The Year of the Wood Horse 2014  Year of the Horse New Year Celebration. Sunday February 9, 2014 at 10 am. Dr. Mao Shing Ni and Dr. Daoshing Ni, The Yo San University Student Association & The College of Tao Invite you to Celebrate the Year of the Horse. Please arrive by 9:45 am., and bring a seat cushion! For the potluck, please bring your favorite festive, healthy dish or beverage. We look forward to ushering in the New Year with you! Renewal Ceremony & Entertainment 10 am - 12 pm. Potluck lunch 12 pm - 1 pm. Yo San University Open House and Demonstrations 1 pm - 3 pm. 01/24/2014
Marketing Expert Highlights the “Introvert Advantage” One of the foundational tenets that Ms. Yen shared is that when people are seeking help, the most important factor that they look for is someone who is a good listener.  It is Chen Yens assertion that Introverts tend to be excellent listeners.   Ms. Yen’s presentation to over thirty-five members of the Yo San University community on Tuesday January 21, 2014 further highlighted the “Introvert Advantage” by providing additional practical tips for those developing professional TCM  practices.   01/23/2014
Sensei Alvin Enlightens Community Regarding Violence De-escalation and Self Defense All of Sensei Alvin’s recommendations proved to be consistent with the lockdown and evacuation procedures developed, posted and practiced at Yo San University.   However, Alvin’s session went so much further with specific advice and guidelines in the event that a student, faculty, staff member or other person is directly confronted with a person intending an act of violence.   01/17/2014
Dean of Clinical Education Appointment Yo San University is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Marvyn Perez, MD (Mexico), MATCM, L.Ac as the University’s Dean of Clinical Education. Dr. Perez will assume duty on January 16th, 2014. 01/14/2014
New Clinical Qi Cultivation Course The course provides additional training and insight into how and when to recommend a patient incorporate a particular qigong movement or breathing pattern, or study a particular qigong or tai chi form, with the appropriate clinical application of each form and pattern. 01/14/2014
Yo San Graduate’s Healthy Products will be in the 2014 Golden Globe Awards Gift Bag  The career path of every Yo San University graduate is different, and Jin Jun’s story is typical of the positive energy and entrepreneurial spirit facilitated through study at Yo San University.   After graduating from the YSU master’s degree program in 2008 Jin achieved acupuncturist licensure in the state of California.   01/10/2014

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