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It’s easy to say “Happy 25 years to Yo San”, but the reality is that it takes commitment, dedication and perseverance to build an institution from the ground up.

It’s easy to say “Happy 25 years to Yo San”, but the reality is that it takes commitment, dedication and perseverance to build an institution from the ground up. Yo San University (YSU) was founded by two brothers, Dr Daoshing Ni and Dr. Mao Shing Ni, who named the University after their grandfather Master YoSan Ni. Master YoSan was a healer and teacher of Taoist tradition. Perhaps their success can be summed by stating that it was written in the stars; chimed loud by the Universe. Let us look back and celebrate the 25 years with laughter, joy, and happy memories. For Yo San to educate future healers and incorporate them into their 40th family generation of tradition, is marked with satisfaction!  We cannot measure the success by only speaking of the greatest teachers and faculty, but more over the students; the embrace of Tao. Because Traditional Chinese Medicine has its roots deep within ancient Taoist philosophy,  Yo San has mirrored its approach to teaching and learning to help guide each individual that graces through the doors to explore their own sense of healing through the natural way of things; wu-wei. The ancient Taoist teachings transcend for 25 years at Yo San presently and in future years to come. When we are positive, constructive and creative, and learn to maintain poise within the ebb and flow of change, we attract correspondingly higher frequency energy, and limiting negative influences are transformed.

All of the collective hard work conveyed through Yo San was celebrated on campus with an array of events spread throughout the second week in March to make the week an exciting and decadent time. We celebrated the thrilling anniversary with a week filled with delicious treats, good company, raffle winners, and some good ole’ bonding. The celebratory spirit was organized to recognize the awesome faculty, staff and student body that collectively have made the last 25 years a success, and continue to commit to make Yo San the special place that we call home.  

Monday, March 10th 2014 was a Breakfast Extravaganza with all the fixings. Cheesy eggs, thick cut bacon, chicken sausages, fresh baked croissants, pastries, fruit, juice, coffee, and more! In addition to the most important meal of the day was a raffle drawing for a $50 clinic voucher! The lucky winner was Yo San student, Jenny Garcia! What a way to begin the week and kick off the celebration. The Breakfast Extravaganza segued beautifully into Wednesday’s sweet event!

            Wednesday, March 12th brought delicious, decadent surprises to campus. The theme of this special day was indulgence. Whether it was the gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries and crisp apple slices, hand-crafted fruit sorbets, make-your-own parfait bar, vegan and gluten-free delights, or the fabulous triple berry shortcake that made Wednesday sweeter than ever. And to top off all that goodness, the day wasn’t completed until the raffle drawing for the $40 Trader Joes gift card had claimed its lucky recipient, Sara Hansen! Tres bon!

Friday, March 14th concluded our celebration that quite frankly could have gone on for weeks more to come as the joyous faces filled the week with positive elements of camaraderie and community. The Pizza Pie Party was the perfect way to end the week! The spread included a wide selection of gourmet pizzas, salads to suit the tastes of many likings, and yummy tummy pasta. Since Friday was the start of the monthly Doctoral weekend, our Doctoral students were present and able to join the food fest as there was plenty to go around. As the evening brought together many faces that may not have had the opportunity to sit and chat before, this was a wonderful union and weekend farewell. But before the party was over, we had one more raffle drawing to send a few fortunate yosanners home with a special thank you. Congrats Penny Weinraub, I hope you enjoy your clinic voucher. And cheers to Andrea Cabanayan, Jessada Prakaianurat, George Lamoureux, Gigi Cristache, and Gayatri Heesen. We can all raise a glass and cheers to the commitment we have all made to Yo San yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

With Love,

Joslyn Williams

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