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The Yo San University Blount Community Clinic is a teaching facility for University doctoral candidates and master’s degree interns in the final phase of their studies. Experienced clinical faculty with a wide-range of expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine supervise interns to provide individualized patient care. The Clinic is also home to the private practices of several licensed practitioners. Clinic patients have the option to see a licensed practitioner and/or supervised intern for their treatments. Each year, the Yo San University Blount Community Clinic provides more than 20,000 treatments.

Best of the Westside

Voted “Best Acupuncture Center” in The Argonaut’s Best of the Westside in 2015!

Our Treatment Philosophy

In Chinese medicine, both the practitioner and patient participate in the care process. The practitioner contributes his/her medical skills and the patient attends to day-to-day aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. This proactive and collaborative approach is the essence of Chinese Medicine. It demands that practitioners assess the complexities of each patient’s case and recommend personalized treatment plans that address root causes of illness or chief complaints. Recommended care plans may include a combination of additional acupuncture treatments, herbs, dietary recommendations qigong (breathing and movement exercise), and other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. The philosophy of the Community Clinic is to provide integrated medicine by treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit, not just the disease.

Specialty Clinics

The Community Clinic offers three specialty clinics to better serve the community. Patients receive treatments from experienced, licensed practitioners and supervised interns who work closely with Western and Chinese Medicine experts, creating a truly integrative and patient-focused model of care.


Sundays 8:30 am-12:30 pm

Patients receive care in the nation’s first ever doctoral program from acupuncturists working collaboratively with reproductive endocrinologists and fertility physicians.

Sundays 8:30 am-12:30 pm

Patients receive acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutritional consultative treatments for conditions that encompass the full life span. more…



Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Patients receive care to address musculoskeletal disorders and headaches with treatment plans emphasizing exercise and stretching to support healing and health maintenance. more…

Private Practitioners

The Yo San Community Clinic serves as the practice site for several private practitioners. Enjoy the experience and expertise in the specialties that each of our private practitioners has to offer.

Yu-Hong Chen, PhD

B Med (China), MSOM, L.Ac.

Wing Benn Deng

BS, PhD, MATCM, Dipl Ac & CH, L.Ac.

Lawrence Lau

MD (Singapore), MSOM, Dipl Ac, L.Ac.


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our loyal patients think of our service and commitment to their health and well-being.

  • — YSU Clinic Patient, explaining why she uses TCM

    "My treatments have been wonderful and extremely helpful! I've recommended the YSU Clinic to my friends and family."

  • —Robert W., YSU Clinic Patient, on why he keeps coming back to the YSU Community Clinic.

    "I'm thrilled that this is such an affordable resource, especially since I'm a senior."

  • , school teacher from Santa Monica

    "I have not felt this good in 3 years! I was lying in bed this morning and I said to my husband, okay, if I sit up and I can turn my head, we've got something here."

New Patients – Planning for Your First Appointment

If you’re new to the Community Clinic, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out the necessary new patient forms. Or download the New Patient Forms, fill them out at your convenience, and then bring them with you to your appointment.

Your first appointment with a Master’s Intern will be for 2 hours. Appointments for any of the Specialty Clinics and private practitioners will be for 1 hour. The initial consultation includes a thorough medical intake that covers all aspects of your health. Some questions may seem unrelated to your current medical condition, but remember that our treatment philosophy is designed to treat you as a whole person – body, mind and spirit. Interns will use acupuncture during the treatment and may recommend an herbal prescription and/or lifestyle recommendation for diet and exercise.


We are a training clinic for future licensed practitioners and licensed doctoral candidate specialists, so we offer special pricing that make acupuncture treatments affordable and accessible to our community.

Treatments with Master’s Interns:
First visit and full consultation (2 hours) – $35.00
Return visits (1 hour) – $25.00

Treatments in Our Specialty Clinics:
First visit and full consultation (1 hour) – $35.00
Return visits (1 hour) – $25.00/$35.00

Treatments with YSU Fellows:
First visit and full consultation (1 hour) – $35.00
Return visits (1 hour) – $35.00

Treatments with Private Practitioners:
First visit and full consultation (1 hour) – $120.00
Return visits (1 hour) – $80.00
Consultation only (No treatment) – $50.00
Herb Consultation (No treatment) – $50.00

Facial Rejuvenation with Private Practitioner:
First visit and full consultation (1 hour) – $145.00
Return visit (1 hour) – $95.00

Yo San University Student Treatment Rates:
Master’s Interns (All visits) – $10.00
Specialty Clinics (All visits) – $25.00/$35.00
Private Practitioners
– First visit and full consultation – $90.00
– Return visits – $50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what to expect from your treatment at the Yo San University Community Clinic or have other questions? A clinic receptionist is available to answer your questions at (310) 577-3006. more…

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