The Yo San Bookstore offers more than books.  It’s a central hub for University life!  In addition to offering an extensive selection of textbooks, you’ll find snacks and drinks, acupuncture needles and other TCM supplies, Yo San apparel and logo items, lab coats (we can have them embroidered for you), and even jewelry.   Browse the handmade gift items and natural products. Even miscellaneous items such as pins, stamps, and pens are offered for your convenience.  And yes, there are plenty of other books besides textbooks!  You’ll also discover that the Bookstore is a relaxing place to take pause, enjoy a cup of tea, and find out the latest Yo San news.  Or read up on a wide range of Yo San happenings, roommate searches, job opportunities, practice development tips, things for sale and useful articles through our e-newsletter. Contact for information or to join the mailing list.  


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