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Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is currently recruiting for a full time acupuncturist.

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Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is currently recruiting for a full time acupuncturist. Follow this link to apply on-line

Position Title: Acupuncturist

Department:   Integrative Medicine Center

Division:   Cancer Medicine

Reports to:   Director, Integrative Medicine Center

Mission Statement

The mission of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center is to eliminate cancer in Texas, the nation, and the world through outstanding programs that integrate patient care, research and prevention, and through education for undergraduate and graduate students, trainees, professionals, employees and the public.


The primary purpose of the Acupuncturist position is to provide acupuncture services to MDACC patients in an evidence-based approach upon physician referral.  Ensure medically safe practices and compliance with infection control policies.  Maintain acupuncture supplies and necessary equipment.  Manage the completion of patient forms including the following forms:  consent, screening tools, program evaluations, and any other forms determined by the Center.  Complete adherence to all M.D. Anderson and Integrative Medicine Center policies, procedures and mission.

Core Values

Caring Behaviors

·         Courtesy: Is respectful and courteous to each other at all times

·         Friendliness/Teamwork: Promotes and rewards teamwork and inclusiveness; Is sensitive to the concerns of our patients and our co-workers

Integrity Behaviors

·         Reliability: Communicates frequently, honestly and openly

·         Accountability: Holds self and others accountable for practicing our values

·         Safety: Notices a safety concern and brings it to someone’s attention; Models safe behaviors (wears badge, washes hands, keeps work area clean and orderly); Mitigates risk to the institution through sound business practices

Discovery Behaviors

·         Responsiveness: By his/her actions, creates an environment of trust; Encourages learning, creativity and new ideas

·         Personal Leadership/Self-Initiative: Helps others to identify and solve problems; Seeks personal growth and enables others to do so

Key Functions


-        Communicates clearly with patients about commonly used techniques for acupuncture therapy and reasons for their use. 

-        Discusses with the patient the risks and benefits of acupuncture and obtains signed informed consent prior to treatment.

-        Ensures a safe environment, maintains equipment and supplies in a clean, operable and safe manner, and follows institutional infection control policies.  Reports status of supplies/inventory to designated Center personnel.

-        Wears appropriate attire or lab coat during practice.

-        Accurately verifies the physician’s clearance orders for acupuncture.

-        Reviews chart for contraindications/precautions for treatment, and if present, reports to physician/nurse before procedure.

-        Introduces self to patient and may need to escort them to and from the treatment room.

-        Talks to patient about medical history, pertinent information and appropriate acupuncture procedures and expectations.  Explains all procedures to the patient and discusses individualized treatment.

-        Assists patients in positioning or getting on/off table if needed.

-        Performs limited physical exam (pulse and tongue observation) and takes brief medical history.

-        Keeps patient comfortable, (checks room temperature, need for pillow support) and maintains proper draping at all times.

-        Carefully inspects the area to be treated, check for edema, blisters, rash, and if present reports to physician/nurse before procedure.  Prepares skin using standardized clean needling technique.

-        Observes/assesses patient for any unexpected and/or undesirable physical/emotional reactions, suspends treatment, provides appropriate intervention, reports to physician/nurse, and documents adverse events as indicated.

-        Develops with patient a plan of care including treatment goals for each visit.

-        Documents in the medical records important information regarding the treatment including  type of treatment, type of needles, acupuncture points used, date/time of treatment, and patient response.

-        Adheres to all hospital and departmental policies regarding patient confidentiality.

-        Acknowledges patient requests before and after treatment.

-        Maintains good hygiene and infection control at all times:

o   Disposes of used sharps in needle box.

o   Maintains proper hand-washing techniques before and after each treatment.

o   Changes linens, pillow cases, towels used for each patient.

o   Wipes counter tops, face cradles, doorknobs after each patient.

-        Provides acupuncture services in a cost efficient, timely manner and able to function in a busy clinical setting.

-        Makes appropriate referrals of participants to other M.D. Anderson programs and services. 

-        Attends weekly interdisciplinary team meetings and actively participates in discussion including presentation of patient cases.

-        Educates other healthcare professionals about acupuncture by providing lectures and mentoring individuals in clinic.

-        Familiar with recent research regarding acupuncture especially in cancer care

-        Participates in outreach programs, conferences, retreats and other activities as part of program offerings. 

-        Participates in program evaluation processes and committee meetings as requested.

-        Participates in clinical research including the design and implementation of studies, patient enrollment in clinical trials, data analysis, and writing of manuscripts.


In addition to the pre-populated list below for professional positions, you may select up to 4 additional competencies (chosen from the 19 Institutional Competencies or the 6 Technical Competencies defined in the Appendix) required for the incumbent to successfully execute the key functions described above.  All patient-facing positions should include at least two Technical Competencies. 

·         IC – Analytical Thinking:

o   Gather relevant information systematically;

o   Break down problems into simple components; and

o   Make sound decisions.

·         IC – Build Relationships:

o   Initiate, develop, and manage relationships and networks; and

o   Show sincere interest in others and their concerns.

·         IC – Innovative Thinking:

o   Approach problems with curiosity and open-mindedness; and

o   Offer new ideas, solutions and/or options.

·         IC – Oral Communication:

o   Express ideas clearly and concisely in groups and one-to-one conversations

o   Create an environment with open channels of communication

·         IC – Written Communication:

o   Convey information clearly and concisely through both formal and informal documents

o    Adapt writing style to fit the audience

·         TC – Patient Care:

o   Employee demonstrates population-based competencies (age-specific, diversity) which cross the continuum of care.

o    Employee functions within their professional scope.

·         TC – Medical Knowledge:

o   Employee demonstrates medical knowledge as defined by position description.

·         TC – Professionalism:

o   Employee demonstrates commitment to collaborative professional relationships with physicians and all members of the heath care team; Employee demonstrates a high level of responsibility, ethical practice, sensitivity to a diverse patient population and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements; Employee demonstrates a commitment to excellence (i.e. proper hand washing practices) and on-going professional development


Received:  Center Medical Director, Integrative Medicine Center and Director, Integrative Medicine Center

Given:       None given.



1.      Graduate of an approved acupuncture school or received and completed training that is substantially equivalent to training provided by such a school.

2.      Maintain CME as required by State of Texas regulations


Required:  Texas state acupuncture license

                  CPR certification


-        NCCAOM board certified

-        Some previous medical/healthcare background. 

-        General cancer terminology course

-        Ability to speak Spanish.


Required:  A minimum of 2 years clinical experience providing acupuncture in a community or

healthcare setting.  Experience with treating 250 cancer patients.


-        Experience with working in an academic setting

-        Possess a basic understanding of health care clinical operations and the ability to establish effective working relationships with a multidisciplinary team

-        Research experience

Working Conditions:

This position requires:

Working in Office Environment

______ No

__X___ Yes

Working in Patient Care Unit (e.g. Nursing unit; outpatient clinic)

______ No

__X___ Yes

Exposure to human/animal blood, body fluids, or tissues

____ __ No

__X___ Yes

Exposure to harmful chemicals

__X___ No

______ Yes

Exposure to radiation

__ X __ No

______ Yes

Exposure to animals

__ X __ No

______ Yes

Physical Demands:

Indicate the time required to do each of the following physical demands:

Time Spent


















Up to 10 lbs


10lbs to 50 lbs


More than 50 lbs



Up to 10 lbs


10lbs to 50 lbs


More than 50 lbs


Use computer/keyboard




_________________________________________              _______________________

Signature                                                                                 Date


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