Below are three options for marketing your practice:

Option #1


List your practice on Yo San’s  ‘Find-an-acupuncturist’ site. 

This is how it works for you:

    • Sign up and Create a profile in the Yo San Alumni Practitioner Directory. 
      It’s free for Yo San Alumni and DAOM Students. To create a profile, go to the 'Find-an-acupuncturist' page. Click on 'register' in the upper right hand corner. Create a business profile. This will become public information. Click here for tutorial.
    • Publish your profile. You’ll have a professional on-line profile including your photo, a description of your practice and the information prospective patients need to choose you.
    • Get found on-line.  The ‘Find-an-acupuncturist’ directory and our internet marketing strategies will ensure that you are found on-line.
This is how it works for potential clients:

    • Clients using the internet to search for an acupuncturist will find your profile
    • Clients will use this as a quick way to get to know you, and
    • Clients will email or call you for an appointment

Option #2

List your practice on It is free for the first six months. Like Yo San’s ‘Find an acupuncturist’ you can create and publish a profile of your practice on-line.  

Option #3

Become a member of For a low monthly fee, you can also publish a profile of your practice on-line and in addition, personalize ’s monthly email newsletter and have it sent to your patients and prospective clients.  

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