The Natural Healing Art

The essential art of Chinese medicine is the foretelling and prevention of disease rather than the treatment of illness after it has manifested as painful or distressing physical and mental symptoms.” Tao — The Subtle Universal Law, Lao Tzu

One may wonder how it is possible to foresee and treat an illness before it happens. Because Traditional Chinese Medicine has its roots deep within ancient Taoist philosophy, an answer can be found in Taoist classics such as the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic). The ancient Taoists, keen observers of nature and human beings within nature, recognized universal laws underlying the existence of all things. One of these laws is the “universal law of energy response:” energies respond to and attract energies of corresponding frequencies. The physical, emotional, and mental energies of a person in harmony with universal laws will be harmonious. Those who violate the laws of nature manifest disorder, disharmony and disease.

As heirs to the rich tradition of Taoist Arts, we benefit from its practical, simple teachings. When we understand the impartial operation of natural laws, we see the importance of refining heavy, negative behavior and attitudes. When we are positive, constructive and creative, and learn to maintain poise within the ebb and flow of the changes we continually face, we attract correspondingly higher frequency energy and limiting negative influences are transformed.

By applying the guiding principles of this living art to ourselves first, we become examples of whole and healthy living for others. From a place of centered wholeness we are able to more clearly perceive patterns of imbalance in others and to help guide them toward a healthy, radiant life—life in harmony and balance with nature.

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