Yo San University Board of Trustees

The current Board of Trustees of Yo San University is made up of 13 voting members and 4 honorary non-voting members.  The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are defined in the YSU bylaws. The Board is charged with establishing global institutional policies, ensuring that the mission of the University is met through proper institutional governance, and overseeing the overall fiscal affairs of the University. The Board is also responsible for appointing the President who serves as a liaison between the Board and the University community. The Board meets quarterly, with an Annual Strategic Planning Meeting/Retreat held each August. Board members do not receive any compensation for their Board role in the governance of the institution.

The Board of Trustees also includes a faculty representative and student representative, both of whom serve for a one-year term.

Active Voting Members:

Maoshing Ni, L.Ac., OMD, Ph.D. (Co-founder, Board Chair)

Private practitioner and co-owner of Tao of Wellness, Santa Monica, CA.   Co-chancellor of Yo San University.   Has over twenty-five years of experience at a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine with specialty in Healthy Aging.  Author of many books and winner of numerous awards.  Frequent guest on high profile television shows such as Dr. Oz.


Daoshing Ni, L.Ac., OMD, MBA, Ph.D. (Co-founder)

Private practitioner and co-owner of Tao of Wellness, Santa Monica, CA.  Co-chancellor of Yo San University with over twenty five years experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Author of numerous books and recipient of many awards.  Specialist in Reproductive Medicine.


Lauren Stomel, B. A. (Public Member, Chair Elect)

President, Stomel Advertising, Culver City, CA.  Entrepreneur and business owner. Expert in internet based marketing.  


Phillip Christman, M.A. (Public Member)

Organizational Development Specialist with Harrison Associates of Atlanta, Georgia.  Expert in executive assessment and group dynamics and team building to increase productivity and corporate harmony.


Margo DeLeaver, M.D. (Institutional Member)

Pediatrician in private practice and  Staff Physician, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, CA.   Faculty member at Yo San University, and strong proponent of integrative medicine.


Mary Flaherty, B.S. (Public Member)

Past Chair of the Board of Directors of St. John's Hospital and Health Center, Santa Monica, CA.


Neil Malley, CPA  (Public Member)

Accountant, Santa Ana , CA.  Expert in finance planning and management with special focus on not for profit organizational and financial management.


Judith Marlane, Ph.D. (Public Member)

Emeritus Chair of the Radio Television and Theater Department, California State University, Northridge.   Expert in higher education governance and accreditation issues.


James Tuggle, J.D. (Public Member)

Attorney, Hollywood, CA.   Legal and financial expertise with specific focus in real estate and sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly solutions to space and energy issues.   Expert in Taoist philosophy and practices.


Sum-Yee Wang, M. A. (Institutional Member)

Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Monica, CA.   Co-founder of Yo San University.   Chief Financial Officer of the University.  Considerable financial expertise as well as well developed clinical psychology practice skills.


Honorary Non-Voting Members:

            Mea Argentieri:     Film and television producer

            Daniel Harrison:   Organizational development specialist

            David Radden:      Executive recruitment and personnel assessment expert

            Chuck Theisen:    Entrepreneur and auto dealership owner

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