Diane K. Cridennda L.Ac. FABORM.

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About Diane K. Cridennda L.Ac. FABORM.   : Diane K. Cridennda graduated from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in l995 with her Masters of Oriental Medicine degree. She trained in Beijing, China to explore the root of this ancient healing art. She is NCCA certified, licensed in Colorado and is a member of Resolve, a national infertility support group. She has also had extensive training in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Diane has been a competitive Triathlete for more than 20 years and has competed in Olympic distances Triathlons as well as half marathons, 10K road races and recently completed her first Marathon. She hasalso completed a race up Pikes Peak Mountain called The Ascent five times. This is a race up the mountain, which goes from 5,800 feet elevation to 14,110 over a distance of 13 .4 miles. Her motto is “work keeps me from over training, and training keeps me from overworking”. This is “balance”. Diane worked in Western Medicine for more than 20 years. Through her own personal experience with using Acupuncture to overcome a debilitating illness, she had a career change and decided that acupuncture was her calling.
For more than seven years Diane has been working with Reproductive Endocrinologists using a combination of Eastern and Western medicine therapies for the treatment of Infertility. She has a strong belief that both medicines can enhance each others efficacy as shown in studies conducted in Germany and Sweden as well as her own research.

Vitae / Publications :  Diane has recently completed a study that demonstrated significant improvement in IVF pregnancies associated with the combination of IVF electrostim acupuncture as well as the pre and post Transfer acupuncture protocol. This was the first study ever reported utilizing both acupuncture protocols. The other significant findings were that acupuncture could compensate for Poor Prognosis patients undergoing IVF; pregnancy rates in this Poor Prognosis group treated with acupuncture were equal to the pregnancy rates in the normal prognosis patients. This is the first study of its kind. She continues to pursue her studies and has a huge interest in studying the male factor issue.
East Winds Acupuncture is dedicated to developing new treatments for both Male and Female infertility and continues to perform research with Centers of Excellence in Reproductive Medicine.
Diane has recently conducted a three year research project adding acupuncture to high tech fertility treatments, IVF (in Vitro Fertilization). Her research with IVF show that there is a higher percent chance of pregnancy, and more importantly more babies born to those who have acupuncture. Her research is published in the supplement of Fertility & Sterility April 2004.
Diane believes “We must take advantage of the breakthrough in modern technology, but we can't lose touch with the wisdom of ancient Chinese Medicine”.
Diane's unique development of an Acupuncture Consortium is now being used in many parts of the country. Part of Diane's commitment to the field of Acupuncture is her continuing Educational programs for both Eastern and Western patients and healthcare providers. She recently presented, with a Reproductive Endocrinologist, Strategies for the Treatment of Menopause. She also is a guest lecturer for the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy on topics that include Principles of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupressure and has presented cases at Dr. Tans Balance Theory Seminars on the topic of Infertility.
Diane's overall commitment to the field of Acupuncture has put her on the cutting edge in her field, while still providing a personal touch. Her practice, East Winds Acupuncture exemplifies the progressive Art of Acupuncture by harmonizing Eastern and Western modalities.