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Ph. D.   The University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Clinical Psychology.  Dissertation:  The relationship of imagery ability and the efficacy of implosive therapy.

M.A.  East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.  Clinical Psychology.  Thesis:  Bender Gestalt performance and reading achievement.

B.A.  John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio, Psychology



2009-Present:   President, Yo San University Los Angeles, CA.  Chief Executive Officer of an accredited school of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with a student body of approximately 220 students in master’s and doctoral degree programs.   Responsible for all academic, fiscal and student services as well as budget and fund development, board and community relations. 


2005-2010:    Core Faculty and Chair of the Psychology Concentration for the Ph. D. Program. The Graduate College, Union Institute  & University, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Leadership responsibility for the development and implementation of the concentration curriculum including supervision of faculty and review of learner documents.  Work in close mentoring relationships in first and second core roles with learners in the Psychology Concentration as well as with learners in the School of Professional Psychology.  Facilitate Entry Colloquia and content specific seminars.  Recent seminars have included “History and Systems of Psychology” and “Psychological Assessment:  Theoretical, Practical, Cultural and Ethical Considerations.”  Served as Coordinator of Program assessment processes and provided a report to the North Central Association regarding the status of 30 at risk doctoral candidates.  Currently provide follow up service and advocacy for School of Professional Psychology graduates who are in the process of applying for licensure.  Serve on institutional and faculty governance committees. Review seminar proposals, conduct faculty evaluations and troubleshoot special problem situations.  Additional service has included the roles of the chair of the Graduate Admissions Committee, co-chair of the Institutional Review Board and chair of an assessment committee for a master’s program.


2004-2005:  Academic Vice President.  American InterContinental University.  Chief Academic officer for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs for a regionally accredited (Southern Association of Schools and Colleges)Los Angeles 2000 student campus.   Served on the President’s cabinet with accountability for all academic functions and components of the university including full time and adjunct faculty hiring, faculty development, new program development, institutional effectiveness assessment, student retention initiatives, and the offices of the registrar, academic advisement and the library.  Leadership service on several campus and institution-wide governance committees.  Designed and implemented faculty governance system.  Served as Interim President during the president’s leave of absence.


2002-2004:   Graduate Dean and Associate Academic Vice President.  Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, California.  Chief academic officer for master’s and doctoral level programs in psychology, education, theology, nursing and physical therapy.  Coordinated with department chairs in all aspects of curriculum, assessment, enrollment management, program development and quality improvement.  Implemented a new Master of Science in Nursing Program.   Facilitate the planning, development and initiation of a new masters programs in nursing (MSN) and humanities.  Facilitated community outreach aspects of the graduate programs including partnerships with a number of local health care and educational agencies. Provided leadership for the Graduate Council and served on the President’s cabinet for Graduate Programs.


1997-2002:  Vice President and Academic Dean.  St. John’s College, Camarillo, California.  Chief academic officer responsible for leadership and management of undergraduate academic programs, with full range of duties regarding students, faculty, library and academic budgets.  Served as the administrative liaison for the Board of Directors as well as for a number of governance committees. Represented the college to a variety of external constituents.  Served as the Accreditation Liaison Officer working closely with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  Involved in new program development and program improvement in a rigorous residential learning and living environment.  Actively involved in all aspects of technology development in academic and administrative areas with activity in planning and actualizing both resources and training for students, faculty and staff.


1992-1997:   Dean of the Graduate School.  Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Chief academic and administrative officer for a regionally accredited (North Central Association) doctoral program serving a national constituency of 1300 candidates using state of the art educational technology and pedagogy.  Special focus on the educational needs of mid-career professionals using a dispersed residency model as well as extensive collaborative networking and  computer technology in the delivery of instructional and support services. Traveled extensively and gave numerous presentations as well as served as liaison with state/governmental agencies, licensure boards and accreditation groups.


1991-1992:   Assistant Dean of the Graduate School.  Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Direct administrative responsibility for program implementation and liaison with a variety of governance committees and constituent groups.  Special responsibility for the development of a doctoral program in professional psychology.


1980-1991:  Chair, Department of Psychology, Professor of Psychology.  Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, California.  Administrative and academic leadership for an undergraduate psychology major and several master’s programs in counseling psychology.  Special emphasis on multi-cultural education and innovative delivery systems specifically geared toward adult learners.  Extensive experience in weekend, evening and individually designed programs.


1978-1980:  Chair, Department of Education.  Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, California.  Administrative and academic leadership for bachelor’s and master’s level and teacher training and related credential programs in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education , Secondary Education, Bilingual Education and Counseling Psychology.  Included extensive liaison with the California Teacher Credentialing Commission, The Los Angeles Unified School District as well as with a variety of other public and private schools and agencies.


1977-1978:  Associate Professor of Psychology.  Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, California.  Instruction and program development duties in both bachelor’s and master’s level programs with campus locations in West Los Angeles and downtown Los Angles.


1977-1991:  Psychologist in part-time private practice.  Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California.  Emphasis on service and advocacy for a variety of refugee groups.  Included individual assessment and treatment work as well as group work, hospital, school and community consultations.


1971-1977:   Chair, Department of Psychology, Associate Professor of Psychology, Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, Vermont.  Instruction and administration of an innovative student centered program in both behavioral sciences (psychology/human services) and special education.  Served as the chair for the planning and implementation of a community based master’s degree program in counseling psychology.


1971-1977:   Psychological Consultant (part time), Caledonia North School District, Lyndonville, Vermont.  Direct service and consultation to pupils, parents, teachers and administrators with special emphasis on the implementation of a mainstream inclusion special education programs.


1969-1971:  Staff Psychologist, The Children’s Center.  Detroit, Michigan.  Provision of services, school and community consultation and education functions in an urban mental health clinic setting.


1969:   Psychological Intern, Kennedy Child Study Center, New York, New York.  Intensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of children with multiple challenges as well as service and consultation with teachers, community  agencies and families.


1968-1969:   Graduate Assistant, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Taught laboratory sections of psychological testing/assessment courses and coordinated equipment for graduate student population.  Leadership in student governance committees.


1967:   Psychological Intern, Wake County Community Mental  Health Center, Raleigh North Carolina.  Intensive training in a comprehensive urban mental health center with focus on both in-patient and out-patient services as well as community consultation.


1966-1968:   Graduate Follow, Department of Psychology, East Carolina University.  Greenville, North Carolina.  Primary instructor for multiple sections of introductory and developmental psychology courses.  Coordinated seminar program for teaching assistants, assisted professors in preparation of materials for labs and demonstrations. Participated in graduate student governance process.


Licensed Psychologist, California  (1978- present—now in inactive status)

Licensed Psychologist, Ohio  (retired 2000)

Licensed Psychologist, Vermont (retired 2000)

School Psychologist, California  1978-1991

School Psychologist, New York (current)

Teaching Credential in Secondary English (1966-1971)



1997-2002  Association of California Deans (ACAD)

1977- present:  American Psychological Association

1998-2003:  California Psychological Association

1991-1997:   Consortium of Diversified Psychology Programs

1991-1997:   National Psychology Advisory Association


2000-present:  Board member, St. Monica Schools, Santa Monica, CA,   Served as Chair of the Board        2007-2010.

1995-1997   Committee on Accreditation, Consortium of Diversified Psychology Programs

1987-1989  Crespi  Carmelite High School, Encino, California,  Board Member

1973-1977   President, Village Improvement Association of Craftsbury Common, Vermont

1973-1976:   Vermont Northeast Kingdom Community Child Care (Board Member)

1973-1976:   Vermont State Advisory Board for Special Education (Board Member)


1996:  Proclamation from the City of Cincinnati for devoted citizenship and community service.

1991:  Sears Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year, Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, CA.


Vitae / Publications :  


Scholarship of discovery:


Gillette, T. , Petersen, R,  Guarino, A., Witte, J. & Ryan, L. (2012).  Treatment approaches for binge eating disorder when a co-morbid condition is present.  Contemporary Issues in Education Research. 4 (1) 131-154.


Mandel,  S, Hanser, S. & Ryan, L. (2009). Effects of music-assisted relaxation and imagery on health-related outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation.  Music Therapy Perspectives. 2010, Vol.28, 11-21.


Gillette, T.  & Ryan, L. (2009)   Why we Need Physical Exercise to Improve Mental health.  Contemporary Issues in Education Research.  3,(1) 54-60..


Williams, S. P. & Ryan, L. (2009).  Satisfaction levels of HIV positive and HIV negative clients regarding psychotherapy.  Contemporary Issues in Education Research (Spring, 2009).


DiFiore, D. & Ryan, L. (2009).  An adaptation of narrative research method to study attachment in marital relationships where one spouse has a terminal illness.   Contemporary Issues in Education Research  (Fall, 2008).


Norman, M. & Ryan, L. (2008).  The Rosenzweig Picture Frustration Study ‘extra-aggression’ score as an            indicator in cognitive restructuring therapy.   Journal of interpersonal Violence, Vol. 23, No. 4 561-566. DOI: 10.1177/086260507312948.


Ryan, L. (2007). Behavioral characteristics of higher education fundraisers, Journal of Educational Advancement, Spring 2007.


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Ryan, L. (1981).  The Development of a Physiological Questionnaire, Association for the Study of Mental Imagery.  New Haven, Connecticut.


Book Reviews and Editorial Work:

Guest Editor:  Psychology, Health and Medicine, Summer 2009

Decisive Parenting, Hammond, M (2001).  Parenting Press, Seattle Washington.

Enchor:  A multicultural parenting program, Benjamin, G., (2007).

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Interdisciplinary Scholarship:

Ryan, L. (2003).   I Remember Oak Street, Bend in the River (February).

Ryan, L .(2001).  The Ursulines on Collingwood, Bend in the River (September).

Ryan, L .(1998).  Saturday Morning at the Pantheon, Bend in the River, (April).

Ryan, L. ((1997). Learner Centered Education, Sienna Conference, Woodstock, Vermont,  (April, 1997).

Ryan, L. (1994). Walk with Me, Insight  (Union Institute and University) (Spring/Summer).

Ryan, L. (1992). Developmental Admissions:  A University Community Approach.  Council of Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) Conference.  Orlando, Florida (November)


Scholarship of Engagement, Service and Social Action:

2011                       Funded Grants—Green Foundation; Fineshriber Foundation, Weingart Foundation

2010                       Funded Grants—Henry L. Guenther Foundation; S. Mark Taper Foundation; Alliance of Health Care Professionals.

2009                       Funded Grant from the Weingart Foundation

2003-2004            Funded Grants:  Health and Human Services:  Adv. Traineeship Programs for Nursing Education and Physical Therapy.

2000-2004            Co-chair, The Union Institute and University Institutional Review Board.  Researched principles and procedures for the initiation of  an IRB process.  Involvement included faculty, staff and learner training and preparation of materials for implementation of the revised process.

1991-1997            Facilitator for Union Institute and University Professional Psychology Committee. Worked with faculty, learners and external constituents regarding  the Clinical Psychology Program.

1990       Multicultural Infusion in the Core Curriculum.  Director of a grant funded by the Ford and Knight Foundations.

1990       Visual  Impairment Program in an Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum.  Director of a grant funded by the Hilton Foundation

1989       Personal Prisons:  Cambodian Refugees  ‘Safe” in Thailand.  Mount Magazine


Scholarship of Teaching and Learner Guidance:

 Core Faculty Advisement Service for Dissertations  Recently Completed:

Assessing the practice patterns of acupuncturists who treat fertility patients in Los Angeles:  The clinical use of the Stener-Victorin and Paulus study protocols.   Splies, Cindy, 2011.

The impact of the herbal formula Qing Bao Zhu Yu Tang in the treatment of endometriosis.  Ohm, Elizabeth, 2011.

Patterns of infertility and prior treatment for women who seek treatment at a TCM university fertility clinic.  Murchison, Andrea, 2011.

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Effectiveness of acupuncture and Chinese medicine herbs in lowering the FSH level of a thirty-nine year old female:  A case study, Daghighi, Sharareh, 2011.

The development of a model recovery curriculum for African-American female victims of trauma.  Mims, Gretchen, 2010.

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Higher Education Institutions Served:

Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH                      St. John’s College, Camarillo, CA

Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, VT                                      East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, CA                            Marygrove College, Detroit, MI

The University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario                        American InterContinental University

Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine                                                                                           

Undergraduate Courses Taught:                                               Graduate Courses Taught:

Introductory Psychology                                                               Theories of Psychotherapy

Developmental Psychology                                                         Psychopathology

Educational Psychology                                                                 Theories of Education and Learning

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                                       Family Therapy

Group Dynamics                                                                               Research Design and Methods

Personality                                                                                         Clinical Field Supervision

Psychological Tests and Measurements                                 History and Systems of Psychology

Abnormal Psychology                                                                    Psychological Assessment

Motivation                                                                                          Neuropsychological Assessment




Clinical Psychology

Higher Education