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Dr. Shiao-Ting Jing comes from a family whose knowledge of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine stretches back many generations. She has a passion for the profound philosophy and practice of this medicine and its ability to balance body mind and spirit. She was interested in healing from childhood and after graduating from an eight-year O.M.D. training program, decided to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. She apprenticed with Dr. Zhang Ren Yi, a seventh-generation OB/Gyn specialist, and gained great success in treating gynecological issues as a young doctor.

After losing a close family member to an autoimmune condition, she pursued further training in this area, apprenticing with the notable Professors Shang Xin Men and Lu Ren He at Dong Zhi Men Hospital in Beijing. She was engaged in award-winning research studies as well as clinical practice in using TCM to treat kidney failure, deepening her knowledge of herbology. She became a teacher, intern supervisor and a chief physician at Beijing Immunology Hospital.

Upon coming to Los Angeles, Dr. Jing completed her Ph.D. at American Liberty University in Fullerton, California.  Dr. Jing’s practice emphasizes gynecology, infertility, autoimmune disorders and pediatrics, as well as issues in general practice.

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