Qi Wei Zheng L.Ac.

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About Qi Wei Zheng L.Ac.   : Dr. Qiwei Zheng is a California licensed Acupuncturist who earned his MD degree in 1976 in China. He then received his Master's Degree of Acupuncture Science in 1981 at the prestigious China Academy of TCM, Institute of Acupuncture in Beijing, China. He has over 35 years experience of researching, teaching, and practicing Integrative Medicine, TCM, and Acupuncture. Dr. Zheng has trained more than five thousand foreign medical doctors, medical technicians and students about Acupuncture from over one hundred countries. In 1995, Dr. Zheng earned tenure as a professor at the China Academy TCM. Dr. Zheng also became the Vice Director of the Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center and became Chief of its Teaching Department in the same year.

Dr. Zheng has traveled the world extensively because of his medical knowledge and Acupuncture skills. Dr. Zheng has consulted and lectured around the world including Iran, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Singapore, and the USA. He was also invited to be the private physician of prominent public and diplomatic figures such as the Late King of Jordan at the renowned Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Zheng has also treated prime ministers, parliament members, etc during his illustrious career.
Dr. Zheng also obtained his Doctorate degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from a prestigious university in California.
Since 1998, Dr. Zheng has been a professor and clinic supervisor of Master's and Doctorate degrees of Alternative and Oriental Medicine at Universities of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, California.

Vitae / Publications :  Please click here to view Qi Wei Zheng's full curriculum vitae.