Mao Shing Ni, D.O.M., Ph.D, L.Ac., ABAAHP

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 Qi Cultivation

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Mao Shing Ni, bestselling author, expert on longevity medicine, co-founder and past president of Yo San University, was born and raised in a family medical tradition that has spanned 38 generations. Popularly known as Dr. Mao, he first began his studies in Chinese medicine with his father, Hua-Ching Ni, a renowned Taoist master, physician and author-teacher. After earning his D.O.M. and Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine with an emphasis in Nutrition Dr. Mao went on to complete his postgraduate residency at Shanghai Medical University in China. Dr Mao lectures on Chinese medicine, wellness and longevity throughout the world. He maintains a full-time practice in Santa Monica at the Tao of Wellness and is also involved with curriculum development and teaching at Yo San. Recipient of the Acupuncturist of the Year award Dr. Mao has appeared extensively in national media in his tireless efforts to further the recognition of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Among his numerous publications is respected translation of the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine and The Tao of Nutrition, which still serves as a required text for the California State Board Examination. He has also written the national bestseller Secrets of Longevity and the recently published Secrets of Self-Healing and Second Spring.

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  • Arthritis: Secrets of Natural Healing
  • Secrets of Longevity Acupressure Healing
  • Secrets of Longevity - Hundreds of Ways to Live to Be 100
  • Secrets of Longevity: Dr Mao’s 8-Week Program
  • Tai Chi for a Healthy Body
  • Mind & Spirit
  • Second Spring 
  • Secrets of Self-Healing