Cormac Ferguson L.Ac.

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 Herbal Medicine

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About Cormac Ferguson L.Ac.   : Cormac Ferguson M.T.O.M, Dipl. Ac & CH, L.Ac., a board certified Herbalist and Acupuncturist, is presently Chair of the Department of Herbology at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. A passionate advocate of Traditional Chinese medicine, he is also a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a modern approach to the teaching of Chinese Herbal formula construction.

His past appointments include positions as staff herbalist and acupuncturist at Century City hospital, The Desert Memorial Cancer Center in Palm Springs, and Santa Teresita Hospital in Duarte. He also served as clinic director at both Samra University of Oriental Medicine and Southern California University School of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. A recent winner of the Golden Needle Award for teaching excellence in Chinese Medicine, Cormac Ferguson has been teaching doctors and students how to use Chinese herbs for the past fifteen years, and in this capacity is presently a professor and supervising doctor at Yo San University and Emperor’s College.

His recently published book, The Book of Modules, and his formula writing seminars are moving the practice of Chinese Medicine into the mainstream of American healthcare.

Cormac is also an accomplished jazz and blues musician, and brings to the art of formula construction a fresh and innovative approach that makes the practice of Chinese herbology more accessible to the student of oriental medicine.

Vitae / Publications :  The Book of Modules:

A Chinese Herbal Formula Workbook by Cormac Ferguson Whether you’re a student about to begin training in the clinic or an established doctor, your ability to fully use Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat disease is enhanced if you know how to use Chinese herbs. Using The Book of Modules is the first step you should take on the path to becoming an herbalist. This versatile and easy to use workbook will help you construct elegant and effective formulas in minutes for virtually every clinical situation.
Conveniently organized as a symptomatic index, this one-of-a-kind clinic workbook contains ready to use herbal modules that address the most common ailments seen in the modern clinic.
Combining these modules into herbal formulas allows you to treat disorders in a ways that are true to the ideals of Traditional Chinese Medicine without having to memorize single herbs, or the ingredients of complicated formulas. What’s more, a materia medica is included making this a powerful learning tool for doctors and students of traditional Chinese medicine.

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